Did ‘Rapper’ Feroze Khan Just Compare Maria B to a Rolls Royce?

Someone on Twitter called them both hypocrites.

Controversial actor Feroze Khan showed his appreciation for fashion designer Maria Butt aka Maria B today in a strangely worded tweet today.

It read,

– Maria B’s mindset – Is like Rolls Royce 100 year road life while “other” you know who are like those rotten scooties. Push push no move , you dirty.

Feroze Khan

The strange post has a tweep questioning if it’s even English.

Others called out the Tich Button actor and Maria B for being hypocrites and one netizen tweeted,

Do you know why we are still so barbaric, backward, uneducated, underdeveloped, intolerant, and morally corrupt nation? Because of hypocrites like you.

Maria B

Some reminded Feroze Khan to focus on his own “mindset” as he is currently under public scrutiny and entangled in a legal battle after his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, shared images of her bruised body in court as proof of domestic violence at his hands.

For context, Maria B is trending on social media for advocating the ban on Saim Sadiq’s film Joyland and openly condemning it for violating Islamic laws and culture due to its LGBTQ themes.

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