Did this Matric Student Commit Suicide Because of TikTok?

The boy’s mother has a special message for mother’s everywhere.

Matric Student

Peshawar: a matric student committed suicide in his home on Tuesday. Why the young man took this drastic step is still under speculation. However, his mother has an important message for mothers everywhere.

According to reports, the matric student had started a side business with his elder brother. And his family members reported he frequently used TikTok on his phone.

His mother claimed that her son befriended a girl through social media about three years ago. After developing romantic feelings for her, he sent a marriage proposal to her house. However, the girl’s parents rejected his proposal.

There’s a lot to be contemplated here before we conclude exactly why he decided to take his life. However, the deceased boy’s mother has an important message for mothers everywhere. She says:


I request people to monitor the activities of their children so they don’t have to go through what I did.


Suicide Prevention

Here’s what you can do if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts:


  • Don’t isolate yourself from others
  • remove any object that might intensify those thoughts
  • reach out to a mental health professional

In addition to this, you can also call the following numbers for help:

Mind Organisation 042 35761999
Umang 0317 4288665
Talk2me.pk 0333 4065139
Baat Karo 0335 5743344
Taskeen 0332 5267936
Rooh 0333 3337664
Rozan 0800-22444
OpenCounseling 042 35761999


We hope the deceased matric student’s family recovers from the loss.


Indian Girl Commits Suicide After Recording a Video Message


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  1. What Pakistani parents need to realise is that they need to gain trust and respect of their children. From childhood to teen ages, this period is most important to grow this bond between parents and children. However most parents are like dictators and children don’t open up to them. Parents need to become role models for children and gain their trust by not reacting harshly, but smartly when things go bad. Most children don’t communicate their problems to parents because they feel they will get negative reaction.

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