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Did Yasir Hussain Just Admit He’s Engaged to Iqra Aziz?

Whats the story here?

yasir hussain and iqra aziz

Yasir Hussain may have accidentally spilled the beans on his relationship with Iqra Aziz. After a string of controversial incidents, the comedian is finally making headlines for the right reasons.

Recently the Naach Na Janay actor put up an Instagram story, that implored his fans to ask him anything, provided that the questions are interesting.


Did Iqra Aziz Just Propose to Yasir Hussain?

When someone asked him to say ‘one word for Iqra Aziz’, Yasir replied with:

“Only One Word?‘Puri kitaab na likh dun’ (could write a whole book)”

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz
Yasir Hussain confirms relationship with Iqra Aziz?

The Suno Chanda actress and Yasir Hussain have been rumored to be dating for a while now. The duo often indulge in social media PDA.

Recently, Yasir was engulfed in various controversies owing to his insensitive remarks towards certain people. In most situations, Iqra herself has come out in support of him.

Recently when Yasir Hussain invited ire from netizens for targeting the trans-community, Iqra Aziz even defended that.


Yasir Hussain Made A Transphobic Remark On Social Media And That’s Not Cool at All

Now people may say this is speculation to suss out gossip since Iqra Aziz has taken the world of drama by storm with Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

Neither one of the actors has denied nor accepted their relationship rumors. Yasir’s crass behavior may have gotten the better of him in this regard.

The Plot Thickens

When someone else asked about Yasir Hussain’s engagement, the actor replied:

‘Ho bhi gai’ (already engaged)”

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz
Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz engaged?

Recently Yasir Hussian shared a post of Iqra Aziz proposing to him. Now fans are speculating that’s how Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz may have gotten engaged.

They have yet to make their engagement officially official. Or, given Yasir’s history of making jokes on social media (some of which have landed him in trouble no less), fans will have to wait and see if Iqra and him have taken the next step.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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