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Did You Know ‘Mr Fraudiye’ Was Based on a Certain Politician?

The truth has finally been revealed.

Mr. Fraudiye

Anybody remembers the famous Pakistani boy band from the 90s Awaaz? Turns out the band’s song ‘Mr. Fraudiye‘ was originally named ‘Mr. 10%.‘ And for a very good reason!

In his appearance on the television show ‘Jaishan-e-Cricket‘ former Awaaz member Fakhir revealed that the hit 1996 track ‘Mr. Fraudiye‘ was originally named ‘Mr. 10%

He revealed that amid the Pakistan People’s Party rule at the time, the band had to change the name of the song.


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Despite changing the name and recording the track in London, the song was still banned in Pakistan.


Mr. 10%

The reason why the song was banned? Reports say that it was based on a certain political leader. Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari has been famously known as ‘Mr. 10%’ since the 90s. Mr, Zardari is currently the PPP co-chairman.

Back then Zardari was in charge of approving government contracts. According to reports, it was alleged that he approved contracts for a 10% gain and other kickbacks.


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At the time PPP told Awaaz band that the ‘Mr. 10%‘ tag was baseless. To try to circumvent the censors, the band changed the song title and made its name generic. Yet it was still banned.

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