Pakistani Mathematician Who Exposed Corruption of Rs 700 Million Forced to Leave Pakistan

This is a sad tale.

Pakistani physicist

While Pakistan complains about brain drain, authorities aren’t making an effort to retain the best talent in the country. The most recent example is that of genius Pakistani physicist and mathematician, Amer Iqbal.

The Pakistani-American theoretical physicist and mathematician has been forced to flee the country after he exposed a mega-fraud of 700 million rupees in government college’s funds which were allocated to ghost teachers settled in Europe.


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Amer Iqbal did the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) work for them and even prepared a 450-pages report over the scam. It was duly forwarded to NAB.

The report details how a college was paying salaries to ghost teachers for the past ten years. That’s ten years of taxpayers’ money usurped through corruption.

A private television channel also highlighted the issue of ghost teachers who came to Pakistan from Europe for a mere 15 days and then left. While some others didn’t even pay a single visit to the country paying them salaries.

Nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy raised the issue in an appearance on Samaa television. He  revealed;

“Some teachers came from Europe for 15 days and then left, while many didn’t come to Pakistan in the first place.”

He revealed that Amer Iqbal had been asked to investigate the matter. Which he did and prepared a report. As a responsible citizen and good Samaritan, he reported the matter to NAB and also sent a detailed report about the issue.

“Iqbal was asked to investigate the matter and he prepared a 450-page report on it too. The physicist instead of being rewarded for his efforts had to leave the country. The college he was working for never renewed his contract”,

Rather than laud the social warrior, the scholar faced backlash. The administration refused to renew his contract, forcing the exemplary physicist to leave the country.

The Pakistani physicist left Pakistan on January 17th, taking his immense reservoir of knowledge and talent with him. He was instantly offered a job by Harvard University in Massachusetts within 15 days.

More About Amer Iqbal

This Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alum is primarily known for his work in string theory and mathematical physics.

He was awarded the Abdus Salam Award for Physics for his work on super-string theory and its relationship with supersymmetry and gauge theories.

After completing his MPhil from Quaid-e-Azam University, he was accepted into the prestigious MIT for his Ph.D.

He even assisted Steven Weinberg upon his request, a Nobel laureate in Physics, with his research at the University of Texas.


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    • There is no doubt that pakistan is thr most corrupt country in the world from top to bottom mojority of this country is involved in corruption.and this is the main reason due to which poor peoples suffer badly. We need courageous and bold leaders like umer e farooq to eradicate this massive corruption specially in education health police and judiciary. These are the major department which directly related to the walfare of poor men

      • I agree with you, unfortunately Pakistan have no respect for talented individual except landlords, and unfaithful corroupt uneducated do called Politicians.

      • You r 100 percent right. PTI government failed to make anything remarkable in this regard. They r succesful only in leving taxes on every common poor person even on life long savings upto 30 percent.

  1. NAB law should be abolished as all political parties whosoever comes in power uses them as a tool to bring down the opposition. Very soon it will be the turn of PTI.

  2. This is realy sad to me as Pakistan always remained and occupied by Mafias in every field of life. It means that no change made even PTI claimed corruption free Pakistan

  3. The corrupt goofs sitting in top positions are causing more danger to Pakistan than any foreign element including India, Israel and America. We are digging our grave by own hands by investing mere 2.5 percent of our budget on education for the last 70 years. When you spend this much on a very basic things how can you expect rationality in this society?

  4. Sad who is behid it in education department.the professor s who are working do not get enough pay to run the house and persons who are not working at all are getting lot of money .it should be investigated

  5. Very say state of affairs I just say, such well deserving people being lost is a lot of a country. I wonder if the state of Medina head knows about this

  6. Really sad. This is a sign that our people, public have become stagnant, they have become mules. If the public comes out on the the streets against corruption once, at least once. Now is the time.

    • With all due respect, everyone knows about corruption in Pakistan but there is no one despite high rank in judiciary system. It’s because they are all involved in corruption. We can’t deny their effort for their role catching some corrupt leaders but who Won…. No one. People are still helpless suffer with starvation and poverty. I am asking the current Govt that you always have been blaming the previous Govt’s for corruption, money laundering etc but what have you done.
      Catching the crocodile ‘s….. Dear Imran Khan, catching the crocodiles won’t make you a Hero. People will call you a Real Hero when you help poor people by giving them relief. People became poorer and poorer but the rich stays in their own place.
      This is true that you are after these corrupt leaders who have stolen the country for decades but atleast people who voted you and bright you in Power must not be forgotten. You Must give them a relief on their daily expenses, such as Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Rice, all Vegetables, Cooking Oil, Suger, Flour, Gas and Electric. These are the basic things that people rely on so I am requesting the Pakistani Govt to take this matter very seriously and give a relief to these poor people of Pakistan.
      If no action been taken then that day isn’t long that people will come out to the streets and roads and throw you out.

  7. This is the reason that Pakistan instead moving forward is going backward Shameless and corrupt politicians and government officials and dishonest business men are reason for present condition of Pakistan
    Why don’t you people see your neighbor Shameless politicians and others in power in Pakistan should learn from them

  8. What college was he working in ? Some people are saying it was lums ? This article doesn’t say it openly his place of work that didn’t renew his contract.

  9. Another Sad Dilama of our society.May so, Allah bless you and your family plentitude of blessings May your case be justified . Ameen.

  10. Present govt. Should enquire and try if by some way this money could be bring back.and pay country’s debt.

  11. This is shocking and upsetting at the same time. String theory and super-asymmetry are the kind of concepts that even intellectual people can’t understand, even if explained and we lost a gem that was working on it.

  12. Ha ha did he really think that his report would change some things
    It was better for him to stay away from matter like these these are not physics matters or math equations u solve in one go and done. Looks like he learned a lesson and we can conclude that smart brains are not that smart after all.

  13. I have pessimist thoughts about the future of Pakistani nation because all its people-from top leadership to bottom individuals are of corrupt nature.Pure and honest people are in minority and weak in resources .That is why,Professor Amer had no person to help and was forced to be out from the country .I will only express sad views and disappointment to know about the sad news.Mafia is holding control in Pakistan and in such corrupt environment we can not flourish.

  14. I think Pakistani politics power game no one change it only one solution of make 12 or 13th province. This solution directly impact power distribution.

  15. Leaving country because one report was not accepted is also not good. While in MIT, he should exposed people who forced him to leave country. Sharing just news with media won’t serve the purpose

  16. Dear brother you have done your job. Inshallah people will realise your worth and your sincere efforts sooner or later.

  17. The problem with our society is not that poor are corrupt but it is the educated elite which has destroyed the country at its core. There is just no moral compass installed despite education. May be it has to do with how we are groomed at home and where mothers have a great role to play in shaping up children personalities. The deep rooted corruption goes unhindered and I was surprised to even read that those educated people settled in Europe who were getting paid were so shameless that they continue to get payments from such a poor country. Imagine even they thought it was permissible. Sad indeed is the story of this nation which calls itself fortress of Islam.

  18. Sad state of affairs. #PMIK and #PTI Ministers and army advisors by sitting in Islamabad and other capitals they cannot abolish corruption. They must get out in the countryside like Sharifs and Zardaris who promoted corruption but #PTI should get to abolish corruption and educate people against corruption and greed. Some basic steps. 1.Improve Govt schools that people do not use private schools which will save them heavy private school fees. Hence less tendency to corruption. 2.Improve Govt hospitals that people do not have to use expensive private medicine. 3. Motivate farmers to grow more food items to make Pakistan sell sufficient hence no more food shortages and less corruption. 4. Promote citizenship among people and Govt departments. Use even Mosques and Churches and media to preach and educate against crime and corruption. 5. Make stern application of law to curb corruption and restrict people to avoid extravagance which leads to corruption.

  19. Very very unfortunate!, IK should get this investigated. Overlooking and keeping quiet over the issue would mean being part of it!

  20. This is the story of Pakistan. Here merit is not considered a virtue rather a liability with all its ramifications. That is why Pakistan is not moving forward but drifting backward. God save Pakista.

  21. Sitting government must take up this matter at earliest, all those who forced this gentleman to leave the country should be fired. NAB should immediately take up this matter rather then keeping quite. Unfortunately rulers of the past has left every segment of the management corrupt.

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