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Did You Know Nadia Jamil Was Almost Cast In ‘Veer Zaara’ Alongside SRK?

Its true!


One of the most versatile and talented actresses of Pakistan’s showbiz industry, Nadia Jamil is known for her stellar performances.

In a recent Interview with Samina Peerzada, Nadia revealed that she deliberately turned down the offer to play the role of a lawyer in Yash Chopra’s mega-hit film Veer Zaara, the role was then played by Rani Mukherjee.


Nadia Jamil Speaks Out Against Samina Peerzada’s Show For This Reason

I know that you must be shocked after hearing about how she turned down a chance of a lifetime, but why did Nadia decide to do this?

Here’s why.

Why Nadia Jamil Turned Down Veer Zara

She said:

When Veer Zaara was offered to me I was at a crossroads in my life as I had to choose between my son Raqae who was two months old and acting in a film.

Nadia’s mother also urged her to play the role and insisted that she should fly to India and avail this big opportunity. She even offered to accompany her to India to look after her son Raqae, but Nadia decided otherwise, and further added that:

It was a conscious decision not to do the film as I thought to myself that if I get hooked to this then what will become of my son who was so tiny at that time.


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You ca n watch her interview here:


We would have absolutely loved it if Nadia would have decided to star opposite the king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and the pretty, Preity Zinta, but the path she chose in the end, put family above all else.


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