Nadia Jamil Is Making Her Return in Child Trafficking Drama ‘Damsaa’

The Pakistani actress focuses on the evil of child trafficking.

Nadia Jamil in Damsaa

Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil is mixing her two passions – social activism and acting – in her upcoming serial Damsaa.

Damsaa is a play about the rampant social evil of child trafficking.

Nadia Jamil is known for being very vocal on social issues and raising awareness on subjects that are considered taboo in Pakistani society.

The actress has been tweeting about the issue of child trafficking for a while now and we know why.

Nadia Jamil to Star in New Drama

Nadia then revealed that her new drama serial is based on the social evil.


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She shared a few pictures from the set of the serial. Turns out she’s working with film-maker Shazia Wajahat for Damsaa

Shazia Wajahat is the wife of film-maker Wajahat Rauf. While Wajahat’s works are on the comedy side, Shazia tackles hardcore issues. 

Asma Nabeel penned the script while Najaf Bilgrami will take the director’s helm.

Awareness Through Art

Human trafficking is a rampant issue in Pakistan, but an even more heinous crime is child trafficking.

Child trafficking is the illegal practice of ‘procuring and relocating children, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation’.

While this atrocity is a global concern, the heinous crime is more prevalent in South Asian nations such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

According to reports, children from Pakistan are smuggled to Iran in oil tankers. Damsaa will expose the cruel reality of this hidden and heinous practice.

Art has always been a good means of spreading awareness. Damsaa will spread awareness on how children should be protected from falling prey to child traffickers.


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