Disney’s LGBTQ Film ‘Strange World’ Bombs at the Box Office

It is blaming homophobia for the flop.

Walt Disney Studio’s animated film, Strange World, bombed at the box office after its Thanksgiving release on 23 November. The animated flick is the first-ever film to introduce an openly LGBTQ teenage character, and despite rave reviews, it is expected to lose $100 million in its theatrical run, leaving Disney Studio to clean up mountains of red ink.

The animated film had a dismal opening, earning just around $11.9 million from 4,174 theaters in North America. Thanksgivings are usually the most popular time for Disney films, but that was not the case for Strange World as it had one of the worst opening weekends for any Disney film in terms of ticket sales.

The film even failed to generate the expected bare minimum of $30-40 million during the Thanksgiving holidays, coming in with a mere total of $18.6 million from 23- 27 November.

According to sources, given Strange World‘s moderate reviews and lackluster audience reception, it is estimated to lose at least $100 million in its box office run.

About Strange World

Set in a fictional world called Avalonia, Strange World follows the Clades, “a legendary family of explorers who must set aside their differences as they embark on a journey to a mysterious land inhabited by surreal lifeforms in order to save a resource called the Pando from losing its energy power source”.

Its voiceover cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union, and Lucy Liu.

The film is also another attempt by a major Hollywood studio such as Disney to instill a progressive liberal agenda with the introduction of an openly gay main character. However, the LGBTQ character did not win over any fans nor did Strange World‘s lackluster storytelling.

Jaboukie Young-White voiced Strange World’s openly gay character, Ethan.

Disney Studio is currently covering up the film’s shortcomings by blaming homophobia as the reason behind Strange World‘s box office flop.