Do You Remember These Memorable Pakistani Stars From the 90s? [Pictures]

Where are they now?


The 90s were a golden period in the Pakistani showbiz industry. At the time, the entertainment industry featured some truly captivating content in their drama serials. Many of the stars of today credit the pioneers of the 90s for the success of the local drama industry.

While most of the stars of the 90 have gone on to enjoy great success in showbiz, there are a few stars who disappeared from our TV screens.

Let’s take a look at some of these talented 90s Pakistani stars and where they are now.

Wajiha Tahir

Playing as “Chunni” in the 90s hit drama serial Shashlik, actress Wajiha Tahir has appeared in both comedic and serious roles over the years. Wajiha has also acted alongside her real-life husband Ali Tahir in several hit drama serials.

Some of her most notable performances were in dramas such as Ghuroor and Junoon Main Jitni Bhi Guzri.

Fans have not seen her in ages, however, the Teen Bata Teen actress has expressed an interest in making her return to our TV screens.

Aaminah Haq

Aaminah Haq was and still is considered to be arguably one of the best models in the Pakistani fashion industry. Aside from her impressive career in modeling, Aaminah has also appeared in many TV plays such as Mehndi and Chandni Raatein.

The renowned model-turned-actress married fashion designer Ammar Belal and has since quit the showbiz industry. Since then, she has only made her appearance in the gossip circles after actress Amna Ilyas got called out over her past comments.


Aaminah Haq Gracefully Claps Back at Amna Ilyas for Body Shaming Her [Video]

Shehnaz Shaikh

This talented actress has appeared in blockbuster hits such as Tanhaiyaan and Ankahi. A well-known star of the golden era, Shehnaz retired from the showbiz industry in the mid-90s and has not been part of any drama serial since then.

Although she may have retired, Shehnaz is still an active media figure as she has hosted many TV programs.

Tariq Abro

One of the most memorable actors from beloved TV series Kollege Jeans, Tariq Abro is not a name we can easily forget. The talented acter received his breakout role in the hit series just as he graduated from NCA.

Tariq Abro has appreciated the love and affection he got from his time on Kollege Jeans. However, he hasn’t acted in any more dramas since then and does not plan to appear in front of the camera again.

Ali Arif

Another sensational star from the cast of Kollege Jeans, Ali Arif made a huge impact on the audience with his acting skills.

He has also appeared in Abrar-ul-Haq’s hit song, “Preeto”. The talented actor now works as a successful architect after his graduation from NCA.

Mira Hashmi

This talented starlet has appeared in several famous sitcoms of the 90s. Born into the same family as legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mira has worked in hit shows such as Teen Bata Teen and Family Front (playing the comical character of ‘Huma’).

After resigning from her acting career, Mira Hashmi is currently working as a teacher to young students.

Seemi Zaidi

A household name in the 90s, Seemi Zaidi is a memorable performer with an infectious smile that melted the hearts of audiences nationwide. Her drama serials such as 1997’s Aashiyana was a super hit.

Although Seemi Zaidi’s career in showbiz was short, she managed to win many hearts with her lovely face and voice. There are no plans for her to return to showbiz.

Shenaz Khawaja

One of the biggest TV series of the 90s was military drama Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. The show is classic as people fondly remember the story and its cast. One of the popular stars of the show was the charming actress Shanaz Khawaja.

Since her breakout role in the show, Shenaz left the showbiz industry to get settled in the USA. The former actress is currently associated with the University of North Carolina as an Assistant Director.

Who did we miss our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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