ELAN: Luxury Brand Under Fire After Non-Payment to Models And Staff

Brands Elan and Zaha apologized for their behavior and stated that they have cleared payments. But netizens aren’t buying this statement.

After landing in hot waters over delayed payments to staff, Elan and Zaha apologized for their behavior and stated that they have cleared payments.

Khadijah Shah, the head of the brands, told Dawn Images that all pending payments to models and former employees who worked with her brands have been made.

“Yes, the pandemic has been tough for us […] I have looked into the matter and the pending payments have been cleared.”

It seemed as though the head of the brands was unaware of the foul practice that people weren’t being paid on time.

“It is, of course, wrong that these people did not get paid. I am sincerely sorry about that. But the company has been going through major changes and sometimes it has been hard to keep up.”


Despite the explanation from Elan and Zaha, as well as several people acknowledging that their dues have been cleared, the public is not convinced. In fact customers are coming forth with grievances of their own.

Elan and Zaha
Image Source: Dawn Images Instagram

Elan and Zaha


Additionally, while big-wigs have been paid, looks like not all pending staff dues have been cleared.

Elan and Zaha


People even commented how the COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone hard. So that is no excuse for the brands to delay staff payments.

Elan and Zaha

What do you think of the statement by the brands? Do you believe that have cleared all pending dues? Are you buying their reasons for such foul practices as delaying payments to staff amid the Coronavirus pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.


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