Esra Bilgiç Does Not Owe You An Explanation for Her Lifestyle

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Esra Bilgiç

Diriliş: Ertuğrul is massive in Pakistan right now. But of course, with fame, there are some fans who prove that they are the absolute worst. Apparently, some Pakistani fans are criticizing Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç for not being ‘Halime’ in real life.

The Urdu dubbed version of Turkish period drama, Diriliş: Ertuğrul has been airing on Pakistan Television since 1st of Ramadan. The saga of the rise of the Ottoman Empire has achieved a cult following in Pakistan, with YouTube views off the charts.

However, this cult following also has its downsides. Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç is being shamed by Pakistanis for not being ‘just like Halime Hatun in real life‘. The actress plays the female lead in the series in the role of Seljuk princess Halime Hatun.


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However Pakistani fans are taking it too far and expecting that the actress adheres to the character she was on-screen.

Just take a look at these comments on an old picture of the actress in a crop top. These comments ranged from unsolicited advice on being a ‘true Muslim woman‘ to plain old fashioned slut-shaming.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul
Pakistani fans expecting Turkish actress to live like Halime Hatun, IRL


Diriliş: Ertuğrul
Comments on an old Instagram post by Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç

It seems like these fans are not aware of how patronizing they appear. Some of them are borderline creepy.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul
How are these comments in good faith? Rants of a regular Internet creep


Funnily though, this fixation is limited to the female lead of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. No one bothered to look into the lifestyle of the male lead of the show.

Imagine holding all beloved characters to that standard (like expecting Jean Reno to be Leon from The Professional). Pakistanis need to realize that these international superstars have their own lifestyles and that they don’t appreciate the phuphoo-type glare on their personal lives. No celebrity does.


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Imagine questioning why actor Cengiz Coşkun isn’t like ‘Turgut Alp‘ in real life? For starters, he isn’t married to his long-time girlfriend.

Besides playing a Muslim warrior in Diriliş: Ertuğrul, Cengiz Coşkun also plays Sultan Alp-Arsalan in Turkish film Malazgirt 1071. Te film is about the historic battle of Malazgirt between the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Turkish Seljuk Empire.

The point is, we need to do better when it comes to celebrities. Commenting on their choice of attire gives Pakistan a bad name, especially during a time when the leaders from Ankara and Islamabad enjoy a great working relationship. Let’s do better here folks and stop being judgemental.



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    • because people get inspiration form them and they make them their ideals, and soon when the mirage is over, they are irked with the reality.

    • When people kept watching a specific drama, they get addicted to it. They began to follow the looks and lifestyle of the main leads in the show. Then people idealize them. But when suddenly they see that those male or female actress whom they admire alot are not so pious in real life, those people become very unhappy. They then use the keyboard to express their feelings. It ain’t nobodys fault. Its natural!!!

      • When I began watching Fast n Furious, I call Vin Diesel by the name Dom, Paul Walker by the name Brian, Tyrese Gibson by the name Roman Pearse, Sung Kang by the name Han Seoul Oh or Han Lue.

        When I watch Mr.Bean I Call Rowan Atkinson by his name Mr.Bean, although I watch him in Scooby-Doo movie as Emile Von Mandavarios before knowing him that he’s known for his character Mr.Bean.

        When I Watch Home Alone, I Call Kevin McCallister to Macauly Culkin.

        Did I urge them to be in the same character in Real Lives as well? Yup I gave examples of Non-Muslims, well I talk regardless of boundaries and religion and I know what is fiction life.

        Here, point is that everyone has their own lives so we have no right to promote hate-speech and expect them to be like us, Us? who separate religion by name of the country as Pakistani Islam, Indian Hinduism? Us? Who promotes Honor Killing?

  1. I was scarred about this reality i.e. when people will compare their real Life Style and the noble roles they played in the serial. We (audience) must have to understand that, these people are not our personal servants. They are free people and they have opted to join Film Industry which possess both, a good face and a bad face.

    The matter of fact is that, we (audience) after watching their roles, pretend to assume that these people are fantastic and are superb in their lives as well, and similarly, negative roles or say bad roles, also make a person bad in the eyes of people outside the serial as well. Eg. Aiza Khan after #Myry Pas tum ho was seen as a wicked lady, however she was not.

    I am still scared an appalled to think, that after using Islamic injunctions, when people come to see these actors’s real life will definitely make them irked and to assume these people Hippocrates. That is a reality and we cannot avoid it.

  2. Why are you criticizing her personal life? Many Pakistani actresses wear much more revealing dresses than Bilgic wore. She is a model and has her right to live her life freely. Many ‘Muslim’ actresses wear almost nude dresses to award shows. Where are these teachers and preachers when it comes to celebrities from their own country?

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