Esra Bilgiç Says She Wants to Visit Pakistan!

Good news for her Pakistani fans.

esra bilgic

Pakistani fans of Diriliş: Ertuğrul, most of whom didn’t fall for that fake account of Esra Bilgic (except those one-two trolls who didn’t bother to check their facts), have some good news to relax to. Esra now says that she’s planning to visit Pakistan and it’s official this time.

The Turkish actress shared her feelings on visiting Pakistan and we are as excited as her.

On her recent Instagram post, a Pakistani fan commented about the massive popularity of Ertuğrul in Pakistan and how people are crazing over it. The fan also praised Esra for her acting and how Pakistanis have fallen in love with her.

To this, she responded that she is very excited to meet her fans in Pakistan and is hoping to pay a visit once the pandemic scare is over.

“I would like to say thank you with all my heart for your precious compliments. Your support makes me really happy. I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period. Take good care of yourselves. Stay in peace and health,” she wrote.


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Soon, fans started pouring in their love for the actress and that they are eagerly waiting for her to visit the country.

Where ‘Love from Pakistan’ flooded her comment section, some even tried to clean the mess that over obsessive Pakistanis fans created the other day. They apologized to her on behalf of those trolls who left rude comments under her pictures.

Well, now that it is settled, we can say that Esra Bilgiç might or might not visit Pakistan. We really can’t argue about it. However, what is important is that she acknowledged her fans in Pakistan and appreciates their love.

Are you excited about Esra Bilgic visiting Pakistan down the road? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Why not, she should visit with entire csst we welcome our Turkish brothers and sisters, welcome to Pakistan

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