Esra Bilgiç Wants to Visit Kashmir for Her Documentary

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Turkish starlet Esra Bilgiç or Halime Sultan from the globally acclaimed period drama ‘Dirilis: Ertugrul‘, voiced her desire to wish Pakistan. Now the Turkish starlet reveals that she wants to visit Kashmir.

With lush green mountains, clean pollution-free air, and many other bounties of nature Kashmir is famed for its scenic beauty. So there’s no surprise even Esra Bilgiç wants to visit the green gem of the sub-continent.

However, the Turkish actress wants to visit Kashmir to experience the culture. In her interview for HELLO Magazine, Esra Bilgiç said that she is very much fond of Kashmiri culture.


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She’s been learning about Kashmiri culture and wants to go to Kashmir for her documentary. She even has a list of places she wants to see in Azad Kashmir.

“I love the mountainous areas of the Babusar Kaghan valley; the views overlooking the valley of Leepa in Azad Kashmir; the camp plan in Concordia and the amazing Deosai plateau. In fact, the Kashmir region is one of the places I am most curious about and want to travel to and determine a few places for the documentary project.”

The starlet also revealed that she is passionate about environmental issues, and wants to do her part in resolving environment-related issues.

“I hope my first visit to Pakistan will take place as part of my documentary project. I want to photograph the geographical topography, vegetation and exotic sites,”


Esra Bilgiç talked about how Dirilis: Ertugrul‘s Halime Sultan is similar to her in this matter.

 “Halime Sultan is sensitive and strong as I am. She listens to the sound of her heart but never ignores her mind and values. Just like me, she respects nature, people, animals, and plants,”


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HELLO Magazine organized an exclusive photo-shoot and interview for the June edition with the Ramos starlet.


  1. Wahooo great we will come.and hope turkey will help to Pak to free Kashmir from endians