Fake News Alert: Esra Bilgic is Not Coming to Pakistan

Setting the record straight.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but there’s no truth to reports that superstar Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç is planning to visit Pakistan.

To understand why did this rumor pop up, let’s take a look at how easy it is to spread fake news on the internet.

Yesterday, a Twitter account with the name of Esra, tweeted about her plans to visit Pakistan.

Now of course, people don’t think twice about forwarding information on Whatsapp and social media. And that’s what happened in this case as well.

How is this news fake? Well, the first thing is, isn’t it surprising that Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç created a Twitter account right when her famed series Diriliş: Ertuğrul started airing in Pakistan?

Our first sign of the account being fake is this. By using our common sense here:

Esra Bilgiç
Fake account posing as Esra Bilgiç

Secondly, Turkish people are proud of their native tongue. Why would the Turkish actress suddenly switch to English for communication while her Instagram posts are in Turkish? We can easily check this with her most recent post on Instagram:



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The Twitter account posing as the Turkish actress is fake. Meaning the news shared by the account that the Diriliş: Ertuğrul actress is coming to Pakistan is incorrect too.

While many Netizens were wise enough to sniff out the fake account, some people still fell for it. With over 2000 followers in a month, mostly fake ones, people could be mistaken in thinking this account is real.



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If that isn’t enough, then the fact that Esra Bilgiç already has an official Twitter account should be a dead giveaway that something doesn’t add up.

The Turkish starlet’s real Twitter account has the same handle as her Instagram account.


So folks, we know Ertugrul Ghazi is crazy popular right now, but let’s keep our common sense intact.

Written by Lens Staff


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