Family Feud: Tuba Aamir Claps Back at Dua Liaquat

She made it clear that ‘only God can judge me’

Aamir Liaquat has been having a ball ever since he got married, again. While his first wife held her silence on the matter, the family was clearly hurt given his daughter Dua Aamir’s emotional tweets.

While the teenager has been vocal on Twitter, her father has done the same on national television. Aamir Liaquat has had a lot to say about his family on TV.

This seeped through into Aamir Liaquat’s Ramzan transmission on PTV. His second wife Tuba Liaquat was with him on every TV appearance. While the two shared on-screen ‘awwh’ moments,  Aamir also took a jibe or two at his first wife.


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The Fight Escalates

Aamir and Tuba Liaquat are off performing Umrah. As it happens, Dua Liaquat is not cool with the ‘cute’ pictures that the couple is posting online. Without naming Tuba, Dua has made no secret of what she thinks about the whole thing.

Dua Aamir took this opportunity and accused Tuba of ‘breaking up a family’. She says that its hypocritical when some people do this and then go on a religious pilgrimage.

This time Tuba did not hold her silence, choosing to respond on social media.

Tuba made it clear that ‘only God can judge me.’


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The History

Late last year, news went around that television host Aamir Liaquat tied the knot for the second time. Right after Aamir Liaquat and Tuba Aamir announced their nuptials via Twitter, Dua Aamir was quick to react.

Aamir Liaquat’s eldest child posted a heartfelt message, speaking of the pain that a broken family goes through.

Aamir Liaquat and his first wife Bushra Aamir, who is also the mother of his two children, are not divorced (yet). They’re not on the best of terms either.

While Bushra Aamir has largely remained silent, her daughter Dua Aamir has not.

Many allege that Bushra’s influence lies behind Dua Aamir’s open disapproval of her father’s second marriage.


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  1. I don’t understand why the daughter has so much to express , but she’s young so she will express this anger naturally . What she doesn’t know yet is , it’s not the second wife fault . It’s the man fault mostly and in majority for stepping out of the marital boundaries . Time will heal them , however, life doesn’t stop and moves on. Showing pain won’t effect the new couple much rather they be more open and affectionate

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