Here’s How the Motorway Rapist Abid Malhi Was Finally Caught

Pakistan’s biggest manhunt finally comes to an end.


After a month of evading police, Abid Malhi, the infamous suspect in the Lahore Motorway rape incident, has finally been arrested.

How did the police manage to nab this criminal who eluded them for a little over a month? Read on.

The tale of a manhunt

Ever since the news broke of a mother of two viciously attacked and raped by two men on Lahore Motorway, there had been an immense public outcry. People from all over the country demanded justice for the woman and for these criminals to be captured and hanged publicly.

While the police managed to capture one of the suspects, Shafqat, during their raids of the assailants’ village nearby, the main accused Abid Malhi reportedly managed to escape the law-enforcers multiple times.


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It seemed like Abid was always tipped off about any police raid from media reports, which is why the police waited for ‘things to cool down’.

According to Fayyaz Chohan, the Punjab government spokesperson, this time the police tactfully laid out a trap for Abid after getting new info about his whereabouts from the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The police used the suspect’s wife to lure him to Faisalabad. There, Abid was quickly taken into custody by policemen in regular clothes.

As of now, the police are taking him to Lahore for his DNA tests before any formal proceedings against him are initiated. Abid has managed to evade arrest four times, which is why the Punjab police are determined to put him behind bars.

According to Fayyaz Chohan, Abid Malhi will be made an example out of. He will face the consequences of his actions and will not escape custody again.

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