Fatima Sohail Accuses Police of Being in Cahoots With Mohsin Abbas Haider

Are the police favoring the disgraced actor?

Fatima Sohail, the disgruntled wife of actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, has reacted strongly to the police report presented in the court yesterday.

The police in its report has found Mohsin Abbas guilty of domestic abuse and of threatening his wife. However, Mohsin was acquitted of other charges that included:

  • he demanded money from Fatima,
  • he breached her trust..


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The actor, who had approached the court for an extension in posting his bail, withdrew the appeal after observing the ‘less threatening’ nature of the charges.

The session judge directed both parties to conclude arguments in the next hearing and adjourned the court.

The ‘lenient’ police report angered Fatima Sohail, who alleges that the police is being ‘hand in glove’ with Mohsin. She called for a new and honest police officer to be assigned to her case.

Fatima Sohail Vents on Instagram

Taking to Instagram, she bashed the police for letting Mohsin go scot-free despite being proven guilty of abuse.


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“Police has found him guilty of criminal intimidation; however, wrongfully expunged section 406 related to criminal breach of trust. Police so hand in gloves with him that the moment he withdrew his bail the investigating officer in court was supposed to arrest him immediately for being found guilty under section 506 however he went Scot free with a smile on his face. And now he is disseminating this false propaganda on media that he’s innocent.”


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She even demanded the IG Punjab police to transfer her case to an honest investigation officer.

“I demand IG Punjab to transfer my investigation to another honest officer and immediately arrest Mohsin Abbas for being found guilty for criminal intimidation as he’s not even on bail anymore.”

Written by Raza Rizvi


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