Mohsin Abbas Haider Says Did Not Hit Pregnant Wife, Doesn’t Say He Didn’t Cheat

Abuse is abuse.


The Pakistani showbiz circle was shocked to its core when Fatima Sohail, wife of singer Mohsin Abbas Haider, went public with her account of domestic abuse at the hands of her celebrity husband. Fatima shared pictures of her brutalized face, bearing clear and visible marks of torture, and named Haider as the assailant.

To make matters more sad, his wife says that Mohsin Abbas Haider hit her while she was pregnant with their child. And that the violence against her was perpetuated because he cheated on her.

Note: Trigger warning ahead. Fatima recounts and shares pictures of marks of torture on her face being perpetuated by her husband. 

Fatima Sohail says “she was dragged, punched and kicked by Mohsin.”


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Mohsin Abbas Haider Responds to Allegations

A day after Fatima Sohail shared pictures of her being abused over social media, Mohsin also decided to present his stance in a hurriedly-called press conference in Lahore.

The singer says that Fatima is lying, and that “he didn’t touch her.”

Mohsin says that she’s trying to gain sympathy by ‘playing the woman card.” The actor-singer however, did not clarify if he had cheated on Fatima. It should be mentioned that Mohsin has been involved with fellow showbiz star Nazish Jahangir, whilst being married to Fatima.

When referring to the graphic pictures shared by Fatima which show her torture marks, he said that those injuries are from when she fell off the stairs.

Cheating on Wife

During the press conference, Abbas did not say it outright that he was having an affair with another woman whilst his marriage with Fatima was breaking down.

Instead, Mohsin goes to say that his wife was not in favor of him taking on a second wife. According to the actor, his wife refused to accept a separation from him.

“I craved for a family life and wanted to marry a second wife.”


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He tried to rationalize his choice by saying:

“I don’t know if it was jealousy or something but she didn’t want me to go through with it under any circumstances.”

As to what is next, now that both parties have indicated that things don’t work between the husband and wife, Mohsin says that he’s considering divorce.

 “I don’t hold anything against her, she’s a troubled woman and the only way forward is divorce.”

When asked why he didn’t divorce her earlier, he implies that he did it for the sake of his child.

You can watch the whole thing here:

Fatima has shared her stance as well:

Showbiz Celebrities Come Forward And Support Fatima Sohail

Various Pakistani celebrities who knew the two have come forward with their accounts:

From a co-worker who worked with Fatima:

It should be mentioned that Mohsin Abbas Haider also detailed his struggles with depression earlier in the year. The whole industry came forward with messages of support and help for the struggling actor.

However, in light of the recent incidents, public opinion may understandably shift against someone who used his fists to ‘solve’ an issue, while seeing another woman when his wife and child needed him the most.


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