Faysal Qureshi Talks About His Third Marriage [Video]

The actor tells all except one thing….

Faysal Qureshi is one of the biggest television personalities in Pakistan. He is an incredible actor, producer and a television host. All these parts of his professional life aside, behind the scenes he is a devoted husband and a great father.


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The actor shared his thoughts:

Recently Faysal appeared in the web talk show Rewind With Samina Peerzada and talked about his life, personality and career goals. It seems that the Salam Zindagi host is finally coming back to his roots, i.e. acting.

He also shared how he overcame struggles as a child actor and that those times were really difficult him. When asked about his marriage, Faysal responded with ‘I’m happy.’

While Samina Pirzada has a gift of getting people to open up to her and we did see Faysal Qureshi tell-all, yet, there was one subject he wouldn’t breach. The star was reluctant to share details about his first marriage and said:


“It’s best to keep a few things hidden in your chest. If people talk ill about me because of what happened to me, I don’t really mind because at this point, I have come to realize that if something is bound to happen, it will happen. Its not easy to move on, but we can always reflect upon our actions and learn from them.”

The actor also talked about his wife, Sana and daughter Ayat and said that he tries to spend time with his family as much as possible.

“I try to make time for my family. Even if I sleep late at night, I try to wake up early, talk to to Ayat and then drop her off school. I try to come home early, so that I can sit and listen to her talking about how her day went.”


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You can watch the full interview here:

On the work front, Faisal will be seen in a new drama titled Sham Se Phle, where he will play the lead opposite Yashma Gill. The drama will also feature Mariam MIrza, Faryal Mehmood, Ali Ansari and Tanveer Jamal.

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