Feroze Khan Dares Momina Duraid To ‘Cancel Him’

How much bigger will this Mahira-Firdous controversy get!?


Actor Feroze Khan has stepped in support of veteran actor Firdous Jamal as Twitter rolled out the #SupportFirdousJamal hashtag.

Jamal, an industry veteran, was recently ‘canceled‘ by Momina Duraid from her company MD Productions over his ageist and sexist remarks about Mahira Khan.

Many people think that banning the actor over what amounts to nothing more than an opinion is a bit too harsh.

Feroze Khan is bringing up the subject everyone missed, that ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion and freedom of expression‘.


Momina Durraid Bans Firdous Jamal From Hum TV Over Mahira Khan Comments

The Khaani actor called out Momina Duraid for breaching the ‘fundamental right of every human being to be able to freely express‘ what he or she feels without fear of persecution. He further dared her to cancel him if she can.


He even gave everyone a hashtag to support his stance #ShowMeIfYouCanCancelMe. People are already showing their support with #SupportFirdousJamal.

Momina Duraid Cancels Firdous Jamal

While Mahira Khan dealt with the whole situation with poise and politely disagreed with the legend, producer Momina Duraid banned Firdous from Hum Network.

She also announced that as a female producer, she extends her support to Mahira and her company MD Productions will no longer work with Firdous Jamal in any capacity.

Mahira Khan - Firdous Jamal
Momina Duraid bans Firdous Jamal amid his rattle with Mahira Khan

Another industry veteran Shaan Shahid also gave his opinion regarding the whole situation. He says that ‘the matter is being blown out of proportion.


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#SupportFirdousJamal Trends On Internet

While the Internet was divided over the whole Mahira Khan-Firdous Jamal controversy, Momina Duraid’s actions ensured that the tide of public opinion turned against her.

Even Veena Malik had to pitch in.



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Many peeps pointed out the blatant gender stereotypes and sexism that some MD Production dramas project to audiences.

Some of them asked Momina why isn’t Yasir Hussain being canceled, given his history of uncalled-for and sexist remarks?

Some people went as far as call for MD Productions to be canceled.


A lot of people are coming out in support of freedom of speech.


We really hope better sense prevails, and that the stunt Feroze Khan pulled makes people realize how absurd the controversy over Firdous Jamal’s opinion has become. The Pakistani showbiz industry needs to deal with criticism constructively.