Momina Duraid Bans Firdous Jamal From Hum TV Over Mahira Khan Comments

This controversy has been blown out of proportions.

Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal

The whole Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal controversy has really gotten out of hand. So much that now Momina Duraid of Hum Network has banned the veteran actor. The whole matter has really been blown out of proportion.

While film star Shaan Shahid does not agree with Firdous Jamal’s comments about Mahira, he politely agreed to disagree. The Waar actor stated that both artists are Pakistan’s ‘pride and have their respective standings in the industry‘, dubbing Mahira Khan a star and Firdous Jamal a legend.

We feel that matters should have ended just there.

Firdous Jamal’s ageist remarks about Mahira Khan being too old to be cast a heroine brewed a storm on social media. Many netizens and celebrities alike came out to bash the veteran.


Firdous Jamal Thinks Mahira Khan Is ‘Too Old To Play A Heroine’

Meanwhile, others agreed to disagree about his opinion on how he thinks Mahira’s acting ‘isn’t that great’.

Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal Controversy Results in Ban

It is no secret that Mahira Khan is a Hum Network favorite. That’s why the head of Hum Network’s production house Momina Duraid Productions went all out to oppose Firdous Jamal.

As a way of punishing the industry veteran for his opinion about the Bin Roye actress, Momina Duraid straight up banned Firdous Jamal.

Momina Duraid
Momina Duraid bans Firdous Jamal amid his rattle with Mahira Khan

While the 7 Dinn Mohabat In actress had a calm approach to the criticism she received, Momina Duraid had something drastic in mind.

Unlike Monina Duraid who did not ‘mince words‘, actor Faisal Qureshi initially tried to explain that like all people in a free country Firdous Jamal is entitled to an opinion. Later when Mahira Khan’s fans came after him, he apologized.

Mahira Khan - Firdous Jamal
One Mahira Khan fan bashes the Pakistani legend


Many others just agreed to disagree with the veteran politely. Some of us even started to  question the hype surrounding one actor’s opinion of another.

Mahira Khan - Firdous Jamal
Netizens question the hype around Mahira Khan Firdous Jamal rattle


Netizens defend Pakistani legend Firdous Jamal’s right to an opinion


Mahira Khan - Firdous Jamal
Firdous Jamal stans say Momina Duraid crossing a line

Firdous Jamal Is A Legend Among PTV Fans

The industry veteran is a huge favorite on Pakistan Television. Roughly 40 percent of the Pakistani population only watch PTV as they lack access to cable television.

With the availability of Internet everywhere, digital content is slowing taking over before cable TV lines find their way to that 40 percent of the audience that solely watches PTV.

Based on survey data by PEMRA, only 11 percent of rural respondents have access to cable or satellite TV.


    • Correct.Jo MD ny kiya wo kahin aur nahi daekha!FJ ny ager character assassination ki hoti ya naa zaeba words boly hoty phir tou theek tha.Ub hamy MD ko social boycott kerna chaheye.Humy say matlab= FANS!Ye tou bitter truth hy k MK is not an actor she is just a model and MD PRODUCTION!Asma Abbas ki language ko ap log kyonahi condemned ker rahy?Look at URWA…..???

  1. Opion is opinion neither negative nor positive. If ine thinks Mahira is old to be playing the part of a young girl hence a heroin, so be it. That does not make her any older or younger. Or unsuitable for her the audience will be delivering the verdict at box office.
    PS: Momina duraid is surely a shame to us all and the industry.

    • Asma Abbas should not have talked about Firdaus Sahib like this.Its the right of a viewer to comment on the acting of any actor/actress.Although talking about the age of a female is against our culture so is being disrespectful and insulting an elder and a senior like Asma sahiba has done .Those who are in shoebiz especially in the field of acting should always be ready for criticism.Now being a viewer ,I will comment on Mahira’s acting.Mahira Khan is an average actor,being successful and glamorous is another thing
      Momina’ s action depicts her sadist and dictator personality

    • But she has talent….. And talent have no concern with age…. Like our Quaid he is also too much ood but he build am independent country…. This is called will power… Which never dies

  2. Honestly speaking MK is not a good actresess. She can’t perform best rols in movies. Firdaus jamal is one of legend and respectful person of media so it’s really ashamed for all of us that MD did bad at all just because of an opinion of a legend against an actresess. MK is not to be compared with Legend Firdaus Jamal please.. Lot of love and respect for firdaus Jamal Durdana Butt Samina Perzada Abid Ali Waseem Abbas and Shabbir jan. MK must understand that “OLD IS GOLD” stop compeign agaisnt Firdaus Jamal Shb and do best in acting if she can to disagree the opinion of Firdaus Jamal shb.

  3. Firdous jamal saab is no doubt a grt actor and respectable. Honestly speaking I am surprised and feel mahira has some influence or contacts or lobby supporting her or may be very lucky as an actress.Sadly we start appreciating our actors only after some actors visit india even thou they might have not been considered so huge before that. We sit at our homes and are entitled to speak our heart that we like or dislike an actor and similarly firdous saab has expressed his opinion. No body retreats when humiliating Meera and no actor speaks to stop humiliating someone again n again. And then comes this strong reaction for Mahira.Respect for mahira as well as God has blessed her the fame and if I dont like her, there might b many who do i hope. but Sorry to read MD words.

  4. Yes she is old to be a heroin. But everything can be happen with makeup and camera.
    There are too many actresses who are too old to play heroin role but they do.

  5. The key question is not mahira Khan’s age, rather her ability? to act. So far other than shehrezaat, she has not demonstrated much acting skills.

  6. I don’t understand why ppl create a rift between two ppl for just small issues every one has ryts to display their opinions as living in a democratic country v have got freedom of speech.
    It becomes a contraversy If u say anything against someone who is favorite of majority..every person has ryts to say their opinion and to show their prospectives. Which our social media don’t understand.

  7. I think we shouldn’t say that harsh thing about anyone. Yes we have freedom of speech as well but we don’t need to be gender biased. We should encourage females as well as males. Rating shows who should be who in any role. The beautiful young lady is suitable for all young roles. She has pretty looks. O

  8. Firdous jamal jst share his view about maira khan.he is rite.look at india film industry .maira is not a young girl.for roll film actresses

  9. If I’m 32 n I look like 32,33 n some senior respectable person who has played significant role in presenting our country internationally n given so much to industry gives his wise bold opinion that I should act my age then what’s so wrong in it? Mahira doesn’t look heroine she is old now she is an average actress if some one sensibly thinks, no comparison btwen both of them n momina duraid I thought she got some sense but no.. N I don’t know wether to cry or laugh upon her insane act of banning.. I’m feminist too but what is wrong you cannot claim it right, I think both women are Not able to handle their fame n respect given by viewers…

  10. MD has done absolutely the right thing. There should be no place for old sexist regressive men like Firdaus Jamal. The times when men could make comments like his with impunity are over.

  11. Seriously that’s not even a negative opinion. If people are really affected by such comment then they are way too sensitive. I’m sure there have been many many instances where other actors have made a comment of something similar about another actor. I mean seriously we have more issues to deal with. I think something more news worthy is all the behayai in Pakistani media and how much out of reality it is and now looks like a copycat of Bollywood.