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Fidel Castro’s Crocodile Bites Swedish Man And Here Come The Commie Jokes

Does communism bite or communist crocodiles do?

Fidel Castro's crocodile

Cuban leader Fidel Castro was known to be a man with a bit of a bite. His pets have the same attitude. Recently a man in Sweden was bitten by a crocodile at Skansen Aquarium. Except this wasn’t just any crocodile in captivity, it’s Fidel Castro’s crocodile.

It all happened when someone threw a party at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm, Sweden. This scaly critter crashed the aquarium party when it got its jaws around the Swedish man.

The crocodile originally belonged to the late Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.


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A Meme is Born

Following the accident, the man was hospitalized. So how much is the ‘victim’ ( who is in his mid-70s) to blame for this? Turns out he had his hand on the wrong side of the barrier, while he was busy giving a speech.

As the owner of Skansen Aquarium Jonas Wahlstrom explains:

“He had his arm over the glass barrier, which is about two meters high. One of the Cuban crocodiles saw it and came and just jumped up and grabbed his lower arm.”

Oddly Swedes are kind of excited by this. Can we expect some future crayfish parties at the Skansen Aquarium?

Not an Aquarium Party, but a Swedish Crayfish Party

Who has a party at an aquarium? Well apparently Swedes, which makes sense given its a crayfish party.


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A crayfish party (if the name didn’t give it away), is a traditional celebration held by Swedes where they eat crayfish. Crayfish parties are held in August & September to commemorate the end of summer.

The man was bitten on his arm by the crocodile while he was giving a speech standing on a rock in a restricted area of the aquarium. Rather than enjoy seafood, he might have ended up as croc food.

Netizens Go After Fidel Castro’s Crocodile

Fidel Castro's crocodiles
Fidel Castro’s crocodiles in their enclosure at the Skansen Aquarium, Sweden

Despite the fact that the croc in question is Fidel Castro’s crocodile, he’s also a hand-me-down. The reptile was one of the two Cuban crocodiles given by Fidel Castro to a Russian cosmonaut as a gift. After the change in ownership during 1970s the crocodiles went to Moscow with the new owner.

From Moscow, the reptilian pair was brought to Sweden’s Skansen Aquarium in 1981 by the owner. Since then they have been taking care of the pair.


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The crocodile’s communist history didn;t sit well with netizens. Twitterati came after the communist crocodiles in full force:

Some had a good time ridiculing the anti-communist sound bytes.

Think about it for one second. What are the chances that this is all a communist plot. Is that what Fidel trained these crocs to do? If so, we got the reptilian invasion all wrong.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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