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Seth Rogen Can’t Get Enough of This Ice-Cream Guy Meme [Video]

Looking forward to a new meme!

new meme

TikTok has a huge community of content creators from all over the world. Recently one of those videos found it’s way into the hands of Hollywood actor Seth Rogen. He shared it and before anybody knew it, this cute yet infuriating video became the internet’s new meme.

The TikTok video features a desi man just trying to get his ice-cream. But the Turkish ice-cream guy has some tricks that leave you laughing and even angry at times. We’ve all loved and lost ice-cream, but to be left hanging in our pursuit of it should be right there with the most vile crimes out there (we kid).

Here’s the video that got everyone talking:


Man Steals iPhone Just So He Could Make Better Videos for TikTok


While we wait in agony for the ice-cream maker to finally just hand over the treat, the video ends with the customer left with a tissue in his mouth. It was… priceless!

He might have died inside because hello, its ice-cream.

What a cold ending, the people thought.

People are questioning, how did we get wrapped up in this cold affair:


This Water-Serving Girl Just Photobombed Most Celebrities at the Golden Globes


This had people asking why put up with a man that messes with your ice-cream.

With our feelings up in the air, amidst this hot and cold affair, the Internet has found its new meme.

Saving it for future use spells meme. We really needed this since the #UnwantedIvanka meme from Ivanka Trump’s G20 presence.

Memes of 2019

Three quarters into 2019 and we have created some mean memes so far. We had The Egg at the start of this year, and now this ice-cream guy.

The Egg that has more followers and faves on Instagram than Kylie Jenner. Winning with 10 million followers and nearly 53 million faves.

Fixing things with ramen is another popular meme, one that carried over from Instagram to Twitter and TikTok.

Then there was the #FijiWaterGirl.



‘Sco Pa Tu Manaa’ is the Latest Viral Meme To Infect The Internet

#MajorAdnanSami was by far the best this year.

Despite being a serious affair, even the first image of a black hole was not spared.

Ali Zafar’s crying meme was just brutal.

Who can forget the Modi Kedarnath meme.

This side of the border has better content as always, and this ‘disappointed cricket fan’ meme proves it.

Thank God ‘Sco pa tu manaa’ blew over (it’s gone right!?).


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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