Firdous Jamal Is Not Impressed With Imran Ashraf’s Performance

He knows better because he’s seen better.

Firdous Jamal

Firdous Jamal thinks today’s industry is packed with models who don’t understand what acting is. The veteran wasn’t even impressed by Imran Ashraf’s performance. Imran Ashraf has won rave reviews with his portrayal of Bhola but even that wasn’t enough.

In an interview for ARY the Waris actor was asked who he thinks is the future of the industry. Firdous Jamal responded with:

“There are no performers, they’re all models, showpieces. They lack the understanding that acting is something else. Like mannequins in a store display, someone can change their costumes make them look like someone else, a woman or a man, but unfortunately, they’re not performers.”


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The industry veteran explained that looking the part does not make one equipped to play the role.

When the host brought about Imran Ashraf’s phenomenal performance as ‘Bhola‘ in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Firdous Jamal explained it wasn’t spontaneous.


He said behaving as the character would have made the characterization better. He listed that previously other actors have essayed similar characters and they ‘behaved as the character not just acted the part‘.

“That role was set in pretention, how do I explain this to you, it wasn’t spontaneous. He acted not behaved. Previously many actors have played a similar role and they behaved as the character not just acted the part,”



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He added that unfortunately since we haven’t seen those phenomenal works, we can’t tell the difference.

Back in the Pakistan Television era of film production value was on the low and there were even struggles when it came to costumes etc. Yet most if not all actors knew improv.

This can possibly be attributed to the fact that most actors had a background in theater. In the rest of the world Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman perform for theater. Meanwhile, our theater took a nosedive.

Personally, Firdous Jamal said he learned the art of acting from Munawar Saeed. Even though the Sayeeban Sheeshay Ka actor believes no one is friends in showbiz.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

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