Firdous Jamal Reveals How He Felt When Hum TV Banned Him

He has a lot to say.

Firdous Jamal

Firdous Jamal is a prominent Pakistani celebrity. He has performed in over 300 television dramas is also the recipient of the ‘Pride of Performance’ award by the government. The veteran actor was subject to criticism last year over his remarks on some popular Pakistani celebrities.

His comment “Mahira Khan is not a good actress” put him under fire and many celebrities came out to share their opinions. Following his ‘rude’ and ‘sexist’ comments, Hum TV banned Firdous Jamal.

His Side of the Story

In an interview with Epk, Firdous opened up about why he made those comments on Mahira Khan. The actor also shared how he felt when he was banned for activities on Hum TV. He straight up criticized the media channel.

“I want to ask everyone, how much have I worked on Hum TV? And what is Hum TV? Is it some Star maker? It may make a star, but it can not make an actor. Because actors are born. Actors and fools are born!” he emphasized.

He then went on to slam director Sultana Siddiqui who is also the president of Hum Network Limited.

“I was given all the awards, recognition and acclaim before Hum TV even existed. No one even used to know Hum TV back then. Who was Sultana Siddiqui? She only made a serial or two with Karachi TV back when she was only a producer. Who are these people?”


Firdous Jamal Opens Up About His Comments on Mahira Khan

Venting out his frustration, Firdous Jamal also mentioned that he had refused to work for the television network in the past. It seems that Hum TV took their revenge by banning him.

“I refused several of their serials! and that too because I did not have time. I was busy else where. I work at one project at a time! I do not run after money.”

It seems that he thinks the ban was unjust. We hope things don’t go worse this time and everything ends on a peaceful note.



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  1. I second firdous Jamal… Mahira, is a fashion icon but in acting she is no way near to female actresses like Saba Qamar, Mehwish hayat or Sanam saeed….

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