Governor Sindh Clears the Air on His Dog’s VIP Protocol [Video]

The other half of the story

Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail is clearing the air on his dog’s VIP protocol. Following much ridicule and backlash on social media the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader is offering his side of the story.

Earlier today a video of what appears to be a lone dog riding in a the Governor House of Sindh owned four wheeler accompanied by a police entourage. The VIP protocol with a pet pooch had Netizens demanding answers as to why public resources were being wasted in such a way.


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According to Imran Ismail the security detail with the Governor House of Sindh owned vehicle was for his family seated in the car with the pet dog. He called out how a partial picture of the story was used to malign both him and the PTI government.

“This was highly inappropriate. It’s a bad thing to make a video of someone’s family and they had to shift back so that they were not filmed (against their consent),”

Governor Sindh also called out Taimur Talpur over corruption allegations against him and the PP government in Sindh.

“The gentleman making the video is corrupt himself and part of a government facing a plethora of serious allegations. rather than prove the allegations against them as false in the court or before the public, he is making videos of someone else’s family to prove everything (done by PTI) is wrong,”

The viral video had been shared by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Taimur Talpur. He shared how he came across the bizarre scene while exiting the Chief Minister’s House following a meeting.

The Sindh Minister called out the PTI government given how adamant the Federal government has been about squashing the VIP protocol culture.


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