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Hareem Farooq Asks Everyone to Support Pakistani Movies During This Crucial Phase

Even if their quality is variable.

Hareem Farooq

Hareem’s Heer Maan Ja is another romantic-comedy like her previous outing Parchi. Despite the potentially redundant plots, Hareem Farooq wants audiences to support a growing cinema industry.

She has her reasons for saying so. Sticking to a winning formula with a generic theme, genre, and a superstar cast is something we often see in Bollywood. Hence the phenomenon of Akshay Kumar + Katrina Kaif, Shahrukh Khan + Kajol, spells win, win, win.

Similarly, Heer Maan Ja, seems as though it’s trying to create another Hareem Farooq+ Ali Rehman Khan win with the same crew from Parchi


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Still, the actress called on Pakistani audiences to support their films even when they’re not that great.

The Interview

In an interview for BBC Asian Network, the Dobara Phir Se actress urged audiences to support Pakistani cinema.

“I’d say that’s true. You need to own everything right now.”

Rather than pick apart all the technical shortcomings, she asked people to be kind to the creators. They’re creating a source of entertainment, so try to kick back and enjoy the fun bits.

“So, even if there is a bad film, you need to understand and our audiences need to understand, that we don’t have the technicians, the writers, or even the actors for films. Everyone is learning and the only reason why people are doing films is passion and it’s just purely passion, trust me on this.”

There are three great hits slated for release this Eid-ul-Azha. So why not make good use of the holidays and see how far Pakistani cinema has come along?


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Hareem Farooq On Reshaping Pakistani Cinema

Aside from asking for audience support and kindness, Hareem Farooq is intent on revamping the industry.

As a producer, Hareem brought up how Pakistani cinema is getting a fresh start, aside from classic Lollywood. She understands that contemporary cinema in a global age needs to cater to a global audience.

“Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamilwood, they’re centuries old, while Pakistani cinema is probably just six years old. We talk about making something out of our country, and we want to take our cinema abroad.”


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The producer-cum-actress added how an accurate representation is key in this information era, to correct the narrative around Pakistan. She mentioned the need of a ‘conscious effort to release films internationally so that Pakistan’s soft image can be promoted across the globe‘.

“We want to tell people that what you get to see in the news is not Pakistan or the one you get to hear about from people who don’t even know what Pakistan is, right? You need to tell people that this is Pakistan; it is beautiful, it has colors, it has talent, it has everything.”

Women and Pakistani Film Industry

Besides that as a producer, Hareem Farooq is really looking forward to ‘give substance to female characters‘. She mentioned how being a producer she has a certain degree of liberty to do that

“In a way, it does give you that liberty, that opportunity to create your own content”

“It’s not just about showing empowered women, but more about giving substance to female characters.”

That is what Hareem Farooq managed to do with Eman in Parchi, and Aminah Sheikh’s character in Heer Maan Ja. Now we’re looking forward to a multi-faceted Heer in Heer Maan Ja.

via Tribune

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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