Here’s a List of the Most Googled People in Pakistan This Year [Pictures]

We’ve all mostly been Internet surfing in lockdown

most googled people in Pakistan

With 2020 coming to an end, we can’t help but think how did this year go by. Well, mostly just internet surfing in lockdown really. Ever wonder who was everyone looking into with all that free time? Good thing Google compiles a ‘Year in Search‘ list every year. Based on their research here is a list of the ‘most googled people in Pakistan in 2020‘.

A ‘Year in Search’ really breaks down key incidents throughout the year, or at least what piqued public interest.

  • Marvi Sarmad
  • Uzma Khan
  • Joe Biden
  • Alizeh Shah
  • Hareem Shah
  • Minahil Malik
  • Falak Shabir
  • Asim Azhar
  • Esra Bilgiç
  • Sarah Khan


Khalilur Rehman Gets Angry and Abusive on Talk Show [Video]

Marvi Sirmed

Who can forget the scandalous Marvi Sirmed vs. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar feud that led the scriptwriter to get canceled? Despite the public having mixed opinions on the incident, a television channel landed in legal trouble for KRQ’s profanity. Meanwhile, the Mere Paas Tum Ho writer chose to forfeit his contract with Geo Network than apologize for his language.

Oddly despite her fame people still can’t spell the journalist’s name right. “Marvi Sarmad” was the most searched person in Pakistan in 2020.


Uzma Khan

The incident that had everyone revise the ingrained attitude to bash ‘the other woman’. The Yalghaar actress became the second most searched person in Pakistan after being assaulted by relatives of real estate tycoon, Malik Riaz.

Despite seeking a legal solution, the actress later withdrew her plea and dropped charges against the women who attacked her and their guards


Joe Biden

This United States President-elect seems to have caught Pakistan’s attention. Guess people wanted to know who’s going up against Trump in the presidential election.


Alizeh Shah

The TikToker turned starlet has a growing fanbase with her on-screen performances. She even made her film debut last year. Amid a series of incidents involving leaked explicit images of Pakistani actresses, Alizeh Shah’s images with then beau Noaman Sami surfaced.

The young celebrity couple recently parted ways.


Ex-Boyfriend Leaks Pictures of TikTok Star Minahil Malik [Video]

Hareem Shah

Known for her involvement with political figures, this TikToker made headlines with her TikTok video in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She’s moved from one political scandal to the next ever since.

Minahil Malik

Yet another TikToker. This social media influencer made headlines over an explicit leaked video scandal. Despite many other leaked video scandals, she’s the only one that ended up on the list off ‘most Googled people in Pakistan’


Falak Shabbir

The singer surprised everyone with his marriage proposal to actress Sarah Khan. Ever since their wedding in July 2020, the couple has been soaking up the spotlight.

Asim Azhar

The singer was long rumored to be dating Hania Amir. Both friends refuted the rumors and earlier this year people protested against the Jo Tu Na Mila singer being friendzoned.

He was also singing the Pakistan Super League 2020 anthem.


Fans Are Marching To Hania Amir’s House To Demand #JusticeForAsimAzhar

Esra Bilgiç

This comes as no surprise given the Ertugrul craze in Pakistan right now. With the popularity of the Turkish period drama, the popularity of Turkish stars also rose in Pakistan. This Turkish starlet was the first to be offered endorsements by Pakistani brands.


Sarah Khan

Despite the Pakistani starlet and her husband Falak Shabbir stealing the spotlight together most of the time, the list of ‘most googled people in Pakistan’ actually placed her far lower on the list of most searched people in Pakistan.

How many on the list of most googled people in Pakistan have you looked up?


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  1. Mostly, TikTok is ruling the trends and by next year, we will see only the Tiktokers on this list.

    I bet It will be the spotlight for the upcoming list.

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