Here’s What Pakistani Celebs Are Doing To Pass Time During Lockdown [Pictures]

How to survive a lockdown during coronavirus.

Coronavirus lockdown

While the Coronavirus lockdown might have seemed like an unofficial vacation at first, sitting idle at home can get unbearable real fast. Good thing we can look towards Pakistani celebs for ideas on things you can do during a lockdown.

For the average introvert, a lockdown seems a piece of cake. They don’t rely on other people and human interaction to get things done anyway (although they do fear the robot apocalypse).

Extroverts, on the other hand, rely on social interaction, from going out to buy groceries to leisurely activities. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, their lives are at a standstill.

Besides that, the impending sense of doom one feels with the rising number of Coronavirus cases doesn’t help either. That panic is keeping everyone from staying positive.

In such times, we love how Pakistani celebs are helping us keep our mind off things in their own way. These celebs are sharing their everyday productive and fun-filled activities during a lockdown to motivate their fans and followers.

If they can stay active and be productive, then so can we. Here’s an informal guide on how to kill your time in the best possible way.


1. Hit Up Your Friends

Coronavirus lockdown
Faisal Quraishi catching up with friends amid Coronavirus lockdown

It’s hard enough taking time out to meet up with friends on an average day. Amid the Coronavirus lockdown that’s just asking for trouble. So just conference call the gang and catch up.


2. The Housework

Coronavirus lockdown
Saba Faisal doing the laundry amid lockdown

Those dishes aren’t about to do themselves. Since we all sent our house help on leave like responsible citizens (we all did right?), better get to doing the housework ourselves. These are life skills and survival skills right there. Kudos to Saba Faisal for doing the same.

3. Cleaning Up

Speaking of cleaning up, besides the spring cleaning, don’t forget to focus on yourself too. Now you have plenty of time to steam-out and clean out those pores (not assuming we all have pore issues) like Saba Qamar here.


4. Safe Hands

Like Faisal Qurashi says – don’t forget to wash your hands. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you do not need to wash your hands properly for 20 seconds, and at least five times a day.


5. Stocking Up on Supplies?

Coronavirus lockdown
Is Alizey Shah hoarding supplies? Please no!

We really advise against this own. Panic buying and hoarding is a big no no, and Alizeh Shah ought to do better.

A better idea would be gathering rations for donations like Feroze Khan and Anoushey Ashraf instead.


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6. Distributing Rations to Those in Need

While we can easily work from home or take unpaid leave, wage workers can’t. Unfortunately, the lockdown literally put their lives at a standstill.

In such trying times, we should laud and be inspired by Pakistani celebs like Maya Ali who are making an effort to take care of others.


7. Chai Aur Quarantine

When’s the last time you had a lazy Sunday? Not rushing to get more done buts lounging around the house? Try doing that a day or two. Like Shaista Lodhi here.


8. Flex Past the Lockdown

Once you’ve regained your energy, you can work out. No, you don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home.

If you’re not into heavy sweaty workouts, you can still breathe deep, meditate and self reflect. Like Sadia Khan here.


9. Work Out Those Feelings

Your muscles aren’t the only things you should focus on, but our feelings too. As Yasra Rizri says, we’ve plenty of time on hand to think things through.

Rather than overthinking, think about how you feel and why you feel that way about certain things in our life.


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10. Digital Sessions

While we’re just trying to be productive, Ali Sethi is one step ahead of us and digitally collaborating with artists across borders. He held a live session with Rekha Bhardwaj, Vishaal Bhardwaj, and Farida Khanum.


11. Sing Through It

While Asim Azhar couldn’t arrange a digital collab or a live jam with his followers, he did sing his way through the lockdown. The singer shared an acoustic version of the Ehd-e-Wafa OST.


12. Catch Up with the Fam

While we do live in the same house as our family, how often do we spend quality time together? Just talking and enjoy each other’s company? Well, like Nimra Khan and Saba Faisal remind us here, we should probably get to that!



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13. Cook it Out

Speaking of spending time with the fam, how about cook for them? In fact, since you’re all at home, try making your grandma’s recipes. Arij Fatima is so doing it, and its time we did too!



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