Here’s Why This Popular Pakistani Actress Prefers Shopping at Landa Bazaars [Video]

“It’s not like I can’t afford to buy branded clothes”.

Model Fiza Ali proudly confessed that she shops for clothes at landa bazaar (thrift shops) and won fans’ admiration for her honesty and humble brag.

When it comes to fashion, celebrities are known to flex their wealth on their fans with branded outfits and exclusive designer ensembles. However, Fiza Ali is not one of them. In fact, the 42-year-old prefers secondhand, inexpensive outfits over branded clothes.

She was a guest on YouTuber Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast on Tuesday and stated that she is a “shopping freak” and used to wear secondhand clothes.

The host asked if she has ever worn any clothes from a landa bazaar, to which she responded,

Yes, the shirt I’m wearing right now is from landa bazaar.

The response took Hafiz Ahmed by surprise and he asked why she choose to wear secondhand clothes when she can buy branded shirts.

Fiza Ali remarked that there is nothing wrong with shopping at landa bazaars.

She said,

It’s not like I can’t afford to buy branded clothes, it’s just a childhood habit that I can’t help it.

Fiza Ali also revealed that she did her first fashion show in secondhand high heels worth Rs. 80 from a landa bazaar.

Netizens praised Fiza Ali’s honesty and simplicity:.

fiza ali fiza ali

Fiza Ali has been in the limelight since her debut in 1999, making her mark in the entertainment industry as a model, actress, TV host, and dancer.

She started her acting career in the drama serial Mehndi in 2003, after which she starred in Love Life Aur Lahore, Chunri, Woh Subah Kab Aayegi, and Moum. She began hosting a morning program called Subh Ki Fiza on A-Plus in 2012 but was replaced by Sahir Lodh a year later.

fiza ali

Fiza Ali ventured into the music industry with her debut song Harra Rang, followed by Dhool Jani and Din Char. She also stunned fans with her melodious and energetic rendition of Kala Chashma from the Bollywood film Baar Baar Dekho last month.


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