Hira Mani Shares PDA Filled Snaps with Husband

Hira and Mani are that obnoxiously loved up couple we all know.

Hira and Mani are that obnoxiously loved up couple we all know. They never pass up any opportunity to share social media PDA.

Recently photographer Amber Khokahr caught Hira Mani and Salman Sheikh AKA Mani being excessively cute, and the pictures are as affectionate as you’d expect.

Hira Mani shared the pictures on Instagram captioned;

“@amber_khokhar_ thank you for capturing us like this 💕💐
@manipakistani 🍉 tum mujhey watermelon ki tarha mazay kay lagtay hou …..”

Hira and Mani


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The couple is often goofing around, with mani being a comedian and Hira playing to her soapy, dramatic moods. Then there’s no shortage of pet names between the Hira and Mani either. Why did she call him a watermelon though?

Hira and Mani


Is there are story behind this pet name that we all don’t know? What do you think?


Aside from catching glimpses of the couple goofing around, the photographer captures some traditionally romantic poses too.


While no one’s hating on the love they’ve got to share, the celebrity couple does often annoy fans with their PDA.

Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic set in, the Kashf actress joked about her proximity with husband Mani after the two tested negative for COVID-19.

The couple was heavily criticised for making light of a serious pandemic that has affected the global economy. In fact, the pandemic continues to affect us today despite so many of us getting vaccinated.


What do you think of the couple’s constant PDA? Are you feeling the love or is this too much for you to handle? Let us know in the comments below.


Hira and Mani Get Criticized For Making Fun of Coronavirus Pandemic


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  1. If it’s too much for you to Handle then why not you unfollow them??? Instead of being downright nasty to them!!!

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