Junaid Khan Tells Hira and Mani to ‘Get a Room’

We all know an obnoxiously loved-up couple that can be a bit much at times.

Hira Mani

We all know an obnoxiously loved-up couple that can be a bit much at times. In the celeb world that Hira Mani and Salman AKA Mani.

The couple’s being affectionate isn’t something Pakistan’s traditional and conservative society would approve of, yet fans fawn over their love.


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While Hira and Mani’s explosive chemistry is adorable it can be a bit much at times. So no wonder Hira’s Kashf co-star jokingly asked the couple to ‘get a room’.

The comment came in response to one of the Yaqeen Ka Safar starlet’s dotting posts about her hubby. However, Hira seems unfazed by the recommendation.

Hira and Mani
Junaid Khan jokingly asks Hira and Mani to ‘get a room’

Just last week, Hira and Mani celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Of course, their posts were laden with social media PDA.

In his post for their wedding anniversary, Mani penned a cute caption saying;

Mai jou tumaharay baray mai feel kerta houn ussay biyan kernay ka talent Ghalib kay pass bhe nahe💑💑 (Even Ghalib doesn’t have the talent to word how I feel about you)

Tumahara pyar corona ke vaccine sai ziyada pure, tumahara gussa corona sai ziyada khatarnak, (Your love is purer than the Corona vaccine, your anger more dangerous than Corona)

tum meri ozone layer, mera 5G network, meray sapno ke true Cinderella, life tumahary baghair boring houte, (You are my ozone layer, my 5G network, the Cinderella of my dreams. Life would be borning without you)”

The Pagli actress responded with;

“Hahahaha best Lines 😍 tum bhe mera heart ka charger hou!” (you are also the charger to my heart)

Hira and Mani

How do you feel about the couple’s PDA? Let us know in the comments below.


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