Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities Speak Out Against India Over Anti-Muslim Law

Indian government faces widespread condemnation over new law.

Indian Muslims have been shedding tears of blood ever since a draconian citizenship law passed last week. The CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) does not only violate Indian Muslims’ rights as a minority, but also defies their human rights. Is this a new anti-Muslim policy adopted by the pathetic officials?

People have been expressing their fury on this act of fascism in all the possible ways they can. Apart from the protests that are being held all across India, social media forums have become another means of condemning the law.

Twitter, as alway,s has been the most active social media platform where people all over the globe are showing their support for the Muslims. They are raising their voices for this new act of terror by the Indian government and celebrities also joined the cause.

Hollywood actor John Cusack also expressed solidarity with the Muslims of India and posted a quote by Arundhati Roy (renowned Indian author).

John also expressed solidarity with the protesters of the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) university. The actor also tweeted and retweeted content related to the matter and expressed his anguish at the violence against students by the local police.



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Various Bollywood celebrities also shared their disappointment with the government on Twitter. Actors Rajkummar Rao and Sonakshi Sinha expressed their support for the protesters and criticized the authorities for their misuse of power while filmamker Anurag Kashyap also made a remark on all the prominent Bollywood celebrities who have stayed silent against this mass brutality.

Sonakshi Sinha posted a photograph of the 1949 Indian constitution which states that the people of India are all but one entity and the country will “secure all its citizens”. Sonakshi captioned it:




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