ICon 2019 Featured the Best Comic, Game and Anime Characters in Islamabad [Pictures]

The capital’s cosplayers community is really making noise!

icon 2019

Comic fans are really having a ball in Islamabad. Earlier in February, Islamabad saw cosplayers gather for TwinCon 2019. And just this weekend, comic and anime fans all came together for ICon 2019 in the capital city.

Now ICon is a cosplay event thats held exclusively in Islamabad. However, that didn’t stop cosplayers from Lahore from crashing the party. These people were here for TwinCon 2019 Islamabad as well.

It was a treat seeing all our favorite characters from comics, video games, anime and pop culture just come alive!

Our Favorite Cosplays from ICon 2019

Cosplayers ICon 2019
Cosplayers ICon 2019

Infact this one guy came from Balochistan just for this (the things we do for cosplay). To add to that, he chose to cosplay as 9s from the game NieR Automata. He played a scanner type android who served during the 14th Machine War (is the machine apocalypse here already?).

Gaming cosplayer at ICon 2019
9S cosplayer from game NeiR Automata at ICon 2019

People actually put so much thought and heart into characters. Like the fact, 9s assists in investigative purposes but he also has an attack function. The cosplayer claimed that he can relate to the character’s calm and kind personality and we think it shows here.

We all love Steven from Steven Universe. So why not just be him?

Steven Universe cosplayer at ICon2019
Steven Universe cosplayer at ICon2019

There was plenty of girl power at the event too! Take for instance this Harley Quin and Marciline crossover.  Best TV-film crossover or what?

cosplayers at ICon 2019
Harley and Marceline ICon 2019

There were plenty of gaming characters roaming about. Like this guy from Vice City…..

gaming cosplayer at ICon 2019
Vice City cosplayer at ICon 2019

Does Diablo need any introduction?

gaming cosplayers at ICon 2019
A Diablo cosplayer  at ICon 2019

This one’s for the League of Legends fans out there.

Gaming cosplayer at ICon 2019
Riven at ICon 2019

More Characters

Guess who else dropped by? Our very own Desi Deadpool! Yeah, that the Rated R superhero that’s been dropping by in major cities and now he’s in the twin cities (we missed Spiderman though).

Deadpool in ISB ICon 2019
Desi Deadpool at ICon 2019


Desi Deadpool and Spiderman Are Tearing Up Karachi [Video]

All these cosplayers made their own costumes. Which makes it even more impressive.

Who did it better?

Winter Soldier ICon 2019
Winter Soldier at ICon 2019

Woah, what is Billy Baxton doing so far from home (sneaking out of school as Shazam again!).

Shazam at ICon 2019
Shazam at ICon 2019

Thanos went casual for the event (he’s in retirement after Endgame, so we understand).

Cosplayer Thanos at ICon 2019
Casual Thanos at ICon 2019

Someone else was also off duty. This off-duty Ninja from Naruto was really working the crowd.

Anime cosplayer at ICon 2019
Off duty Ninja at ICon 2019

Does anyone remember this Disney character? (Maybe I’m just too old)

Disney cosplayer at ICon 2019
Disney cosplayer at ICon 2019

Seeing this Digimon character was a walk down memory lane.

ICon 2019 cosplayer
Digimon at ICon 2019

Anime made it clear it’s here to stay in the cosplay game. Check out Dark Shadow from Tokoyami.

Anime cosplayer at ICon 2019
Dark Shadow from Tokoyami at ICon 2019


Pakistanis Just Dressed as their Favorite Characters at TwinCon’19

This guy was cosplaying as Decim from Death Parade. Funny thing is he was Kakashi Sensei at TwinCon 2019.

Anime cosplayer ICon 2019
Decim from Black Parade at ICon 2019
Anime cosplayer at TwinCon 2019.jpg
Kakashi Sensei TwinCon’19.jpg

Someone else filled in that Naruto void, dressing up as Zabuza Momochi.

Anime cosplayer at ICon 2019
Zabuza Momochi from Naruto at ICon 2019

Original Characters

We also got to see original characters as well, like this Earth Demon. Or maybe it was a trap for this guy to steal our souls…. (restoring the balance). This guy even goes by Ayzee in real-life (when cosplay is life, literally!).

Earth Demon cosplayer at ICon 2019
Earth Demon at ICon 2019

Someone else is also up to something…..what does the Butler want? Veemon do something!!

Anime cosplayer ICon 2019
Dark Butler at ICon 2019

No cosplay event is complete without Darth Vader. This guy brought together all the franchises with his costume. There’s the Darth Vader headgear from the original series, the Clone Wars bag from the prequel series, and that three-beamed saber that needs no intro.

cosplayer at ICon 2019.jpg
Darth Vader at ICon 2019.jpg

And of course, no Comic-con is complete without a Harry Potter character. The notorious Sirius Black is out of Azkaban.

Sirius Black at ICon 2019
Sirius Black at ICon 2019

Even the kids even pitched in. That is one cool kid who is all in for Minecraft.

cosplayers at ICon 2019
Cosplayer at ICon 2019

By now its evident. Islamabad proves that it has quite a large cosplayer community and it’s still growing. While people do pour in from other cities, we can’t help but appreciate that some folks from Islamabad got this whole cosplay thing in Pakistan off the ground.

We can’t wait for the next cosplay event! And soon!

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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