Iffat Omar Gets Slammed For Her Tasteless Joke on Rape Incident [Video]

This is unacceptable.

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The Lahore motorway incident shook the collective conscience of the entire nation last week. Protests were held, valid statements and judgments were made and yet, the showbiz industry continued to disappoint us at such a grave time period. This time, it is Iffat Omar who once again started another needless controversy.

From ‘celebrity’ protests, misogynists joining in on the protest to ‘support’ women, and teaching our children about ‘good touch and bad touch’, many showbiz personalities have made rather insensitive comments on the current situation.


A few days ago Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on the matter and suggested chemical castration or emasculation of rapists and child molesters.

In an interview with a private news channel, he said,

“The way murders are graded as first degree, second degree and third degree, rape should also be graded this way, and the first grade rapists should be castrated and incapable completely.”



Iffat Omar Joins the Bandwagon

We all know how serious this issue is. Anyone with a heart and conscience would not laugh on it, but alas! It is now actress and talk show host Iffat Omar who has crossed the line and decided to joke about it.

Half of the people protesting on the matter agreed with PM Khan’s suggestion. The other half demanded public hanging. But Iffat found it hilarious. It is okay to disagree but twisting the words and making a joke out of it is in very poor taste.

In another viral video of the actress cum television host, she ridiculed the whole situation and compared it to dog emasculation. It seems that she was ‘playfully’ commenting on the government officials and their ‘tough’ job but the degrading words just slipped out of her mouth. Another ‘innocent’ video perhaps?




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This isn’t just about criticising the Prime Minister. This is about making a mockery of a woman’s pain and agony who was raped in front of her children. Where countless women are making an effort so that the abused and traumatized victims and survivors get justice and are able to live in peace, people like Iffat Omar are devaluing their struggles by laughing about it.

The public hasn’t forgotten about her innocent jhappi incident yet and she is back with another disgusting remark. Netizens have had enough of her tone-deaf jokes and they are calling for a ban on her once and for all.


Twitter Reacts




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