Important Parenting Lessons to Learn from the Drama Serial ‘Pinjra’

The story offers several lessons for parents by juxtaposing two contrasting households.

Asian (read: desi/brown) parents often use techniques that invoke fear and punishment to discipline their children because they culturally tend to expect strictness to translate into obedience. However, this does not mean that children will always change into whatever their parents want them to. Some may take the shape their parents want but others will find ways to seek freedom and become rebels, or children might give up on themselves and life altogether.

Parenting is a difficult job responsibility is immense, and the stakes are incredibly high. While the psychology of parenting has become an important topic of late, narratives like Pinjra portray interesting pointers for parents to consider.

The story revolves around contrasting households one with a liberal and progressive home for children which in the eyes of others has spoilt kids with no boundaries but in reality, was the opposite and the other house is strict in case of rules and regulations, where children have no say in it and considered as the cage.

The drama series sheds light on different kinds of parenting styles and the types of children that certain sets of parents have. It constantly highlights issues that teenagers face, like exploring relationships, keeping secrets, and telling lies while being in abusive and strict households.

In the series, Abhaan (Ahmed Usman), who comes from an abusive home replete with restrictions and punishments by his parents, Khadija (Hadiqa Kiani) and Javed (Omair Rana), develops severe anxiety, depression, and distress  His inability to meet his parent’s expectations lead him abuse drugs and attempt suicide several times.

Based on Pinjra, here are a few lessons every parent should learn:

Physical Abuse

Maltreatment can cause children to feel isolated, fearful, and distrust, which can translate into lifelong psychological consequences that can manifest as educational difficulties, low self-esteem, depression, and trouble forming and maintaining relationships.

Abhaan would have never opted for suicide or drugs if he had a parent who would listen to him. instead of abusing him.

Intense Restrictions

Parents often restrict their children to discipline and protect them from what they perceive to be the dangers of society but sometimes intense or too many restrictions can create the opposite effect. Like Abhaan, a child can also be pushed to entertain suicidal thoughts or become a drug addict to as a form of escapism.

Support Your Child’s Dreams

Every child has their own likes, dislikes, and dreams. Their reasonable desires must be considered valid and supported. Not every child needs to grow up to be a doctor or engineer because not everyone has the aptitude for it and there should be nothing wrong with pursuing a career path that they are better suited to.

Mental Health

Children’s emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health helps them develop resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults.

Traumatic events can trigger mental health problems for children like adults, their struggles are valid and in need of attention from a qualified professional. Abhaan needed help but his parents ignored him and thought his suicide attempts were acts of attention-seeking and manipulation.

Ary Digital’s Pinjra is gaining TRPs with its amazing story and the phenomenal acting of the cast. The drama is produced by Shazia Wajahat under Showcase Production, and is directed by Najaf Bilgrami.

Pinjra is a tribute to the late veteran writer Asma Nabeel. It was half written by her but due to her death by cancer, the story is finished by the creative team.

The star cast of Pinjra includes Hadiqa Kiani, Omair Rana, Sunita Marshal, and Aashir Wajahat, along with child stars Aina Asif, Ahmed Usman, and others in pivotal roles.


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