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Imtiaz Supermarket Gets Sealed Off in Karachi

Police sealed off the third branch of Imtiaz Supermarket.

People seem to not understand the concept of social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus scare. They continue to violate their own health and safety as well as the people around them. Yesterday, the police had to seal off the third branch of Imtiaz Supermarket in Gulshan-e-Iqbal as people violated Karachi commissioner’s orders of social distancing.

According to Ali Gopang, the Assistant Commissioner, the store management did not ensure the safety procedure of social distancing inside the store after repeated warnings.

“People were standing shoulder to shoulder inside the store. All the measures that government has asked to take to ensure the lockdown were being violated inside the store,” he said.


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Gulshan-e-Iqbal ASP Muhammad Maroof said that the shopkeepers were repeatedly told to ensure social distancing protocol in and outside the store. He also stated that the store manager was told not to allow too many people into the store at one time.

“When more people go inside, they stand shoulder to shoulder and can become cause of the pandemic. They must stop the entry of shoppers when the rush increases outside, but they don’t do that.”

There are roughly 18 megastores in Gulshan-e-Iqbal alone where Gopang and his teams kept making rounds for inspections. “We are checking every store continuously and repeatedly,” he said and added that they kept receiving complaints of supermarkets violating their orders at the commissioner’s complaint cell.

It is time that people need to learn the importance of social distancing if they are to survive through these tough times. Stay safe and stay posted for more updates.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Very bad response of our nation in this crucial time…. As they are creating more troubles for daily wedges labours.
    Plz pity on them n yourself.

  2. Response of our nation in this crucial time is shameless.
    Government creating more troubles for daily wedges workers
    Please help to this peoples your self.


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