Indian Men Sexually Harass Korean YouTuber in Mumbai

She live streamed her ordeal and was helped by two of her followers on the same street.

South Korean YouTuber, Hyojeong Park, was sexually harassed by two men in Mumbai, India, on Friday, during her live stream.

She was later protected by two Indian men, Aditya and Atharva, who were watching her live stream, and they helped her to push the local police to take action against the culprits.

The Mumbai City Police later apprehended Mobeen Chand Mohd Shaikh, 19, and Mohd Naqib Sadarialam Ansari, 20, today, and a case has been filed against them.

Hyojeong Park, who goes by ‘Mhyochi’ on YouTube, shared a ‘thank-you’ picture on Twitter for Aditya and Atharva, whom she had lunch with later on. She said,

Lunch with two Indian gentlemen who help me to post the video and save me on the street. Aditya and Atharva.

Mhyochi was roaming around the streets of Mumbai while live streaming with her followers when one of the harassers got too close to her and behaved inappropriately with her. She managed to remain calm and polite with two men who tried to hold her hand despite her protests.

The two accused followed her as walked away from them and offered her a lift. Fortunately, a couple of gentlemen stepped in to help her and told the Mumbai Police to take action.

Mhyochi subsequently shared the video of the incident on her YouTube channel.

About Mhyochi

Hyojeong Park is a popular South Korean content creator from Belgium with a huge fan following across different social media platforms.