India’s Ruling Party Uses Old Moin Akhtar Clip for Propaganda, Pakistanis Strike Back

Pakistanis’ sense of humor has no match.

Loose Talk - BJP

The internal turmoil in Modi’s ‘Bharat’ isn’t just threatening the Indian economy but also proving how creatively bankrupt they are. BJP’s social media handle used a dubbed clip from Moin Akhtar’s political parody ‘Loose Talk‘ for propaganda purposes, except it ended up backfiring in their faces.

Well, now there’s no doubt that after years of Bollywood copying songs and film plots from Pakistan, they won’t even deny copyrights violations anymore. This is not to be confused with owning up to what they did; just shamelessly asserting it.


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This is what they shared:

Funny thing is that the ‘geniuses’ who dubbed this clip from Moin Akhtar and Anwar Maqsood’s television show ‘Loose Talk‘ didn’t even try to be creative.

Basically, BJP’s IT cell edited this clip to ridicule those who are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA 2019) in India.


Perhaps their creativity was exhausted with all the imaginary surgical strikes and retrieval of Abhinandan


Something Good Came Out Of This

That’s not even the funniest part. Pakistanis brought out their superior sense of humor. And of course, there were memes.


There are far better ways that Moin Akhtar’s lines can be used.

No really though, what was the thought process here?  ‘The more the merrier‘?



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Then there’s this….

Some times, subtle trolling is the most brutal trolling out there.

Some Netizens were more subtle.

Is this all about the polls?



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Recently BJP has been using memes a lot for ‘creative expression’. With enemies like these, who needs friends to cheer you up (we jest).

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