Internet Goes Crazy for BTS Jungkook Shopping and Meeting Fans in Qatar

Netizens are more excited for his performance at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony than the football matches.

The news of BTS’s youngest member, Jeon Jungkook (aka JK), performing at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2022 has the internet in a frenzy. Along with ARMYs, even regular football fans are looking forward to his performance.

The craze has left people thinking that Jungkook’s performance will overshadow the excitement of matches.

The Euphoria singer has been trending all over Twitter with different hashtags as soon as his agency, Big Hit/HYBE confirmed his performance for the big night.

The South Korean heartthrob is in Qatar and was seen shopping and meeting fans at the Place Vendôme Mall yesterday.

Here are a few glimpses of BTS’s Golden Maknae captured by fans:

ARMYs shared their experiences and photos after seeing Jungkook calmly strolling around the mall on social media:

After all the hype about Jungkook’s performance at the opening ceremony, WIO news journalist, Sayan Ghosh said,

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