Internet Grills Ayeza Khan, Fahad Mustafa On Throwback Photos

Ayeza Khan and Fahad Mustafa are two big names in the industry. The two have given years of their lives to the media and worked really hard to be successful. Today they are the most favourite celebrities in the industry and people very much adore them. Be it their exceptional acting skills or their iconic personalities both have put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be where they are today.

ayeza khan

Recently, some photos from the archives are surfacing on the web. Old pictures of Ayeza Khan and Fahad Mustafa from the drama sets invited public trolling. Netizens cannot help but grill them over their primitive looks.

Take a look!

ayeza khan fahad mustafa

People accused the Paristan actress and Mustafa of using whitening injections and undergoing several surgeries to look up to the mark. They even said that both got better after getting rich. One fan came to the rescue and said that however they look it was a trend back then.

We couldn’t agree more, all the pictures are from their adolescence period, and not only them but everyone transforms and grooms with time and age according to rapidly changing trends.

Take a look at the public reactions!


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  1. Pakistanis have become sick nation with their sick sense of humor.Every one has throwback pictures like this.It,s not necessary to behave like people you are being governed by.Show some respect to others if you want respect.

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