Is The US Embassy Intervening in Zahir Jaffar Case?

According to Islamabad Police, Zahir Jaffer has confessed to killing Noor Mukadam.

As word emerged that the United States Embassy has intervened in the Noor Mukadam murder case against Zahir Jaffar, actress Mishi Khan suspects he’ll get away scot-free. What’s the truth?

The television show host’s video message pertaining to the issue really brought this ‘development’ to the fore.

“That’s it folks !!! The US embassy has gone and met that wretched #zahirjafferthekiller and say that the choice of lawyers will be theirs etc etc. So he will be also probably leaving like Raymond Davis after little drama & waste of time in courts etc. We all did our level best but in vain I guess. May Allah SWT give peace to that poor soul [Noor Mukadam.”


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However, according to the US Embassy, if a US citizen commits a crime abroad, they will be subject to the law of the country they are in. They tweeted this clarification after rumors of the US Embassy in Pakistan bailing out the accused.

As per the US embassy that they can only check on a citizen’s well-being, and provide a list of lawyers. They cannot provide legal counsel or participate in court proceedings.



Previously, when being presented in court, Zahir Jaffar had strongly highlighted how he’s an American citizen not Pakistani. At the time Netizens suggested that if the need arises the victim’s family should take legal action against the accused in the US, hence preventing an escape to the US to evade conviction in Pakistan.


Rumors Surrounding the Zahir Jaffar Case

There is so much hearsay online that is creating a lot of misinformation regarding the case. Aside from the confusion that the accused will flee to the US, there have been reports of Zahir Jaffar’s confession video.

The police also retrieved videos of Noor Mukadam’s torture filmed by the accused on his phone. Other reports being attributed to sources in Islamabad Police state that the videos they recovered from Zahir Jaffar’s phone prove he tortured other women.

Islamabad Police also claims that Zahir Jaffer confessed to killing Noor Mukadam.


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However, the ICT Police’s only updated included the arrest of Zahir Jaffar’s parents for hiding evidence and facts.


Other such ‘developments’ online include claims that Noor Mukadam had instructed her driver to bring Rs700,000 to the accused’s house. Her driver could only arrange Rs 300,000.

At this point, we should really only rely on official updates from the police. Additionally, police cannot share information regarding the evidence as it can affect the defense’s case. All the speculation online isn’t helping.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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