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Javed Akhtar Wants Ban on Azaan, Gets Called Out For It

Here’s what happened.

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Indian screenwriter Javed Akhtar has landed himself in a new controversy by saying there should be an end to call Azaan on loudspeakers.

“In India, for almost 50 yrs Azaan on the loud speak was HARAAM. Then it became HaLAAL n so halaal that there is no end to it but there should be an end to it.”

According to him, loudspeakers cause discomfort. He urged the authorities to ban Azaan on the mic.

“Azaan is fine but loud speaker does cause of discomfort for others I hope that atleast this time they will do it themselves.”

Muslim communities from all over the world are disappointed with these remarks as they find him to be a little too disrespecting and insensitive.

Though his point about the misuse of loudspeakers appears logically sound, however, we need to put it in another context. Some Twitterati pointed out that whether Javed Akhtar’s never heard of a Bhajan (chanting Hindu scriptures) before. Why is his ire only reserved for the Muslim call to prayer.

People are calling him out for singling out Muslims with his tweet.

Its no secret that the marginalization of Muslims in India is in full swing. And these recent comments, that too from someone who happens to be a famous personality, is sad, to say the least.

Maybe Javed Akhtar is trying to please Hindu extremists right now. Or maybe he’s just looking out for himself.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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