Javed Sheikh Was Paid Rs. 1 for His Role in ‘Om Shanti Om’ [Video]

Netizen criticized the veteran actor for having zero self respect.

Veteran actor Javed Sheikh has revealed that he charged only Rs. 1 to play Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the Bollywood blockbuster Om Shanti Om.

During an interview with journalist Maliha Rehman on Gloss Etc, Javed Sheikh explained that he was star-struck and “honored” just being offered a role in a SRK film.

Some praised his dedication and humility, commending him for prioritizing the artistic experience over monetary gain. However, netizens criticized the veteran actor for having no self respect for himself, and are embarrassed to see a respectable Pakistani star stooping so low just to appear in an Indian film.

Javed Sheikh explained that the reason behind this unconventional decision was the immense honor he felt upon being offered a role in a Shah Rukh Khan film.

Sheikh regarded it as a valuable opportunity and felt that the privilege of being associated with such a prestigious project outweighed any financial considerations.

While Sheikh’s intention was to express his gratitude and the significance he attached to the project, his statement sparked mixed reactions among netizens. Netizens criticized his decision, arguing that it undermined his worth as a respected Pakistani actor and suggested a lack of self-respect.

Javed Sheikh is a renowned Pakistani actor and filmmaker, who is considered one of the most respected and influential figures in the entertainment industry. He has worked in both Pakistani and Indian film industries and has appeared in numerous films and television dramas throughout his career.

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  1. Yeh bechara Javed shk is always suffering from INFERIORITY COMPLEX and he always feel HONOURED when HUMILIATED N DEGRADED BY INDIANS ACTORS N ACTRESSES. And they feel HAPPY n PROUD by dishonouring these types of stupid Pakistanis. Jahil