Journalist Shares Shocking New Details About Motorway Rape Case, Suspects Police Involvement

Extremely worrying if true.

motorwat rape case

The Lahore Motorway rape case has left everyone stunned, while there has been an on-going debate on whether or not the authorities are at fault, new details insinuate that the police allegedly may have been an accessory to the crime.

Fareeha Idrees, a Pakistani journalist, has been in close contact with the victim. Reporting the incident on Twitter, she revealed crucial information that raises very worrying questions about what happened that fateful night.

The story

Fareeha starts her account by recounting the survivor’s experience.

Before the victim’s car ran out of petrol, she passed the toll plaza and asked the directions to the nearest gas station. Upon stopping in the middle of nowhere, she contacted the motorway police, they apologized about being unable to help. They then gave her another local number to call.



The victim then proceeded to share her location on WhatsApp and told the person she needs Rs 1,000 worth of petrol.

Before the attack, a man inspected her car from a distance.




The attackers appeared shortly after, and the victim reported that they were Punjabi men between the age of 30-35.



All of this information has been circling around, but the most shocking revelation is that the attackers left a thousand rupee note on the dashboard of her car. The same amount she earlier mentioned while speaking to the local policemen.




This is indeed very shocking. Of course, it may be a coincidence that they left the money just so that the victim could go home and forget about the heinous crime she was subjected to. Nevertheless, this needs to be investigated as well.

What do you think of this new information from the motorway rape case? Let us know in the comments section.



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  1. It couldnt have happened without the help of a insider(police). This is how it works. The man who got her location also needs to be grilled.

  2. I can surely say police is involved .there.must be some connection between police and the hearthbrokeb .I alwys thought of about that vicitim mother.and I wana communicate to her fir consolation.can anyone helo me how can i contact with a phd symathy with her.

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