Kaifi Khalil Angry Over Harassment of Women During His Live Performance

The ‘Kahani Suno’ singer cancelled his performance after a few delinquents harassed female fans in the crowd.

Kaifi Khalil expressed his disappointment over the harassment of female fans in the crowd during his live performance on Day 3 of the 10th Karachi Eats event at the Beach View Park in Clifton.

The Kahani Suno singer’s clarified the fake rumors about him “getting injured” and explained why his performance was cut short. The young singer left the stage mid-performance on the final day of the Karachi Eats Festival, prompting people to speculate that he was injured.

Kaifi Khalil explained his action with a note on Twitter. The young singer thanked his fans for their “pure love and support”. He wrote,

Hello everyone, I would just like to clarify the fake news that’s circulating around about me getting injured during my performance at the Karachi Eats yesterday, which is not true. I appreciate everyone being concerned about my wellbeing and inquiring about it, but I am totally fine!

Khalil further stated that he was “disappointed and upset because of what happened yesterday”. He went on to explain that a few individuals harassed female fans who “came out to enjoy the evening with their family and friends”.

Kaifi Khalil requested the organizers to look after the safety of everyone attending the event, while also sending a warning “to all the people that feel entitled and think it’s acceptable to act inappropriately and harass someone”.

Kaifi Khalil is a promising young music artist from Karachi, best known for bringing a twist to traditional Balochi music by combining it with modern music. He was arguably the best emerging artist of 2022.

Kaifi Khalil

The young artist took the world by storm earlier this year with his song Kahani Suno 2.0. Even though Aima Baig tried to steal the spotlight from him with her horrendous cover, the original song is still everyone’s favorite, with over 40 million views on YouTube.


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