Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Chandel Gets Suspended From Twitter

Good riddance!

Kangana Ranaut sister

People had enough of Kangana Ranaut’s sister hate-mongering, so they finally had her Twitter account suspended.

We’re glad to see what finally made Twitter tell Rangoli Chandel that enough is enough.

Here’s what happened

Rangoli really crossed a line with her calls to genocide and claims of having the police in her pocket.

Kangana Ranaut’s sister and manager was reported by filmmaker Reema Kagti for inciting further violence following the Moradabad stone-pelting incident.

Kubra Sait backed up the filmmaker also calling for an FIR to be registered against Rangoli.


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Then ‘Mission Clean Indian Social Media‘ pitched in to help. This account’s objective to have profane and hateful social media accounts flagged in the Indian Twitter space.

Indian social media trolls are known to be particularly hateful with violent and lewd comments directed at those with liberal voices. Matters even escalate to offline threats towards these liberal voices.

That is why initiatives like ‘Mission Clean Indian Social Media‘ are so important when the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) invites such trolls to their social media forums.


With Rangoli finally off Twitter, nothing to complain about today.


Then there were people who had a go at her in good humor.



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While Netizens think it’s about time Twitter finally took notice of what hate-monger Rangoli Chandel is, some people want an FIR registered against her.


Looks like Kangana Ranaut’s sister isn’t about to catch a break anytime soon. Netizens are relieved that she’s finally off Twitter.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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