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Komal Rizvi’s New Song ‘Jogiya’ Will Leave You Mellow [Video]

Its not strictly a Sufi track, nor a love song.

Komal Rizvi

Looks like everyone in Pakistan is getting on board the electronic music bandwagon. Even Komal Rizvi is experimenting with the genre in her new track ‘Jogiya‘.

Make no mistake though. This is no Sufi track or love ballad but something very different.

Jogiya is more of a song of self-discovery and self love. Built on basic strings of a guitar, the track isn’t like Komal’s usual pop songs.


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Komal Rizi Delivers a Soulful Hit

The song opening titles set the tone for the rest of the track:

“The only thing that stops YOU from; being who you are, doing what you want, having it all… is YOU! Be your won Magical Jogi, love you all forever and ever.”

Besides Komal mellowing out the music and lyrics to her track, the visuals also appear toned down and in sync with the mood of the song.

The is definitely a slow emotional number. The lyric credits also go to co-writer Saad Sultan. He also helped Komal Rizvi co-compose the track. The music thought is solely Saad Sultan’s own creation.

C-Virus and Zain Siddiqui at BBPR directed the music video.


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A New and Welcome Trend

Its so exciting to see women in Pakistan creating beautiful music, complete with music videos done in a fresh and modern way.

Jogiya’s music video is simplistic yet trendy, with touches of acoustic guitars and a fusion of electronic beats, that help sell it as a catchy, soulful song it is.

Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi had been missing from the scene since she launched her skincare line with the name of ‘Truly Komal‘. Its good to see her making a music comeback with Jogiya and one wonders what she got in store for us after this.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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