‘Laapata’ Ending Leaves Fans Disappointed With Storyline


As the drama serial Laapata comes to an end, Netizens point out the poor storyline. Too many things seem to have been on a whim rather than following a plot.

Audiences stayed till the end to follow their favorite actors and characters. Even the guest cast.

The drama serial’s cast included Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Amna Malik, Rabia Naureen, Asma Abbas, and Goher Rasheed.

While Ayeza Khan’s Geeti garnered a lot of attention as a social media influencer, many loved the strong-willed and strong-headed sports girl, Falak. Though Netizens did appreciate the female perspective for once.


However, Goher Rasheed and Ali Rehman’s performances were praised by fans.

Despite the weaker storyline, the actors were phenomenal enough in their roles to save the last episode despite the weak storyline.

A few fans loved how things ended for Shams and Falak, but not everyone. For some, the happy ending was a pacifier making up for the plotholes.


Speaking of plotholes.


Not to mention the problematic tropes throughout the drama serial.

Meanwhile, Geeti’s fans were not happy and thought that the character deserved better.

One thing Netizens do appreciate is the fact that this drama serial didn’t wrap up with the villain seeking forgiveness and emerging ‘changed’.

When the drama serial itself had mixed opinions online, the last episode of Laapata wasn’t going to be much different. What did you think of the drama serial?


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