Sharmila Faruqi Calls Out Ayeza Khan’s ‘Laapata’ On Fake Harassment Scene

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqi is appalled by the content of Hum TV’s drama serial ‘Laapata’.

Sharmila Faruqi - Laapata

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqi is appalled by the content of Hum TV’s drama serial ‘Laapata‘.

The politician slammed the insensitivity towards incidents of ‘harassment’ in the drama. Laapata showcased a scene with Ayeza Khan’s character ‘Geeti’ accusing a shopkeeper of harassment in order to get free stuff. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with Netizens.


Ayeza Khan As ‘Geeti’ Cries Fake Harassment in ‘Laapata’ [Video]

Now even Sharmila Faruqi is addressing how problematic this is. She questioned, in a country like Pakistan where harassment is endemic, why is a drama serial depicting it as a blackmailing tool?

“Appalled to see Pakistani drama ‘Laapata’ depicting ‘harassment’ as a blackmailing tool by women. Harassment is real, hurtful & destructive! It’s not comics!”


She called for everyone to take issues faced by women seriously. She then called for Pakistani dramas to;


“take responsibility for such poor depiction of real-time issues being faced by women across the country.”

Netizens lauded the PPP leader for addressing problematic depictions in drama serials.


People called out actors that agree to partake in such scenes and drama serials.


Others called for the television channel to be reprimanded.



People pointed out that while the anti-sexual harassment law is exploited much like many other laws in Pakistan, highlighting nominal incidents negates real victims.


Sharmila Faruqi did not deny that the law isn’t exploited, yet that’s not why she’s objecting to Laapata. She pointed out how in a patriarchal society where women struggle for fundamental rights, highlighting exceptions draws attention away from the norm. A norm that needs to change for the security of women.

Examples of such arguments used to dismiss harassment are common enough.



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There’s a reason why crimes against women are rampant in Pakistan. Whether it’s ‘male-only’ job listings or honor killings, oppression of women is systemic. Check out this thread for links to detailed research reports on how oppressed women really are in Pakistan.

So do you think it’s okay to showcase harassment allegations as a blackmail tool in a country where women already struggle for the fundamental right of safety and security? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

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